Entry 357: Suffocation

Listening softly

As you struggle to breathe

Listening blissfully

As you claw & plead

The more desperate you grow

The tighter grows your place of final rest

Slowly listening as I relish every moment!

The rasping,

The struggles,

The futile gesture that is life…

We all die someday,


There’s nothing quite like the quiet sleep as it comes

The panic as a soul tries to resist it…


It’ll be okay,

The less you struggle

The quicker you’ll sleep

Then, you’ll be in bliss eternally…

I’ll take your body

Keep it in my home…

I’ll take care of it,

Preserve it,

Making sure to put the recording of your sleep

Right next to your display

I promise you

You’ll be remembered


Hush now,

Stop fighting the pain

The more you struggle

The quicker it will end my friend…

That’s not fun,

No…no fun at all,

We want to relish our time together…


Well, suit yourself

…It’ll all be over soon…

*Breath slows & quiets till nothing else is heard*


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