Entry 354: The Wish Collector

There she sits just out of sight

Listening to the prayers of the living

A woman quite beautiful

A soul quite horrific

She listens to the wishes of others

Collecting them…

If your wish she happens to take

She will grant your wish

For one year…

You’ll be happy in life as things come true

Your secret wish

Now your every day reality!

Oh how great this is!

You can finally live your fantasy!

Careful though,

For in one years time

The Wish Collector will begin to slowly prey on your mind!

You won’t be yourself

You’ll in fact be at her whim

As she ripens you up for feasting!

It can start small

Or even with a BANG!


At this point

It is too late…

The Wish Collector will continue to show you things

In time you won’t be able to tell the difference

Between reality & fantasy…

Once she’s mixed your mind,

Well & good

She’ll come to you…

On that day or night

She’ll sink her fangs into your brain!

The world will be torment



Slowly, she will feed

The longer, the more you will know agony…

Until eventually you are a catatonic shell of your former self

Who withers away,


The Wish Collector will go back into hiding & wait

Till the next wish she fulfills

Will guarantee the end

…For another souls fate…

-The Wish Collector-


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