Entry 341: The Painting

I work with the other Reapers

In a way you could call me one of Death

I preserve the memories of the dead

The moments of their lives

I paint their memorials

I paint their triumphs

Their pains,

I paint their faces into art

Forever collecting who they eventually became

The changes in their lives

Every piece one of a kind.

In some cases I even keep their souls

Forever trapping them in art

It all depends on the orders given


I paint them well…

My latest creation

Something about it doesn’t feel quite right

The orders I was given


They make me uneasy

To say the least…

The Painting I create now

Houses the many faces of a soul

One that relished in the murder they wrought upon their world…

The eyes are dark

Their face twisted in glee

Their soul is trapped within the painting

Sometimes though…

…I can hear him whispering to me…

I’ve sent my complaints to HR

They’ve told me there is nothing they can do

I must continue to paint this portrait

Till it’s ready for departure

Lest I be consumed

At least that’s what the latest notice says

Something isn’t right…

So here I sit,

Painting his face between other works of my art

Lately though,

I’ve noticed

I can see the souls image

Slowly bleeding into my other works

I can hear the souls within screaming


Every time I come back to paint

Be the painting old or new

The paintings grow a little more twisted

More nightmarish than before

They speak to me too…

HR told me to paint faster

I needed to paint more than before

If I didn’t

I’d be consumed…

I’ve painted worlds

I’ve added whole new pieces

Yet the painting that houses the demented soul

Its influence is growing

Every moment I work

I hear their screams & cries!

Still, I must keep going…

I hear his twisted laughter

He tells me how they died…

I’ve tried to keep the other paintings safe

I’ve tried to keep up

I’ve given it my all!

His voice continues to whisper to me

Telling me who will soon be up!

He knows who’s next

He knows how they all die

I’ve begun painting with my blood

He says…

“It will really bring them to LIFE!”

I hear him now

Even when I’m not in the room…

The man of many faces

He speaks of the end,

Of things to come

He speaks of suffering

Of eternal doom


I feel his touch upon me

Before I know it

…I’m no longer in the room…

It’s become another piece

A painting all its own

Signed in my blood

I paint his works

…From now on…

-The Painting-

Entry 340: Immortal

Happy Birthday dear soul

We hope you are happy

We know it’s a lot to follow

Year after year,

We wish you this

Slowly there are less of us

Such is the burden you hold

Stick with me though

I promise we’ll remember the dead

We’ll smile to their memories

Enjoying each year we knew them…

Happy Birthday dear soul…

It’s that time of year again

We hope you find bliss

We hope you have found happiness

A year gone

It seemed like yesterday

We were just doing this

Shame Sam couldn’t be around

…She always enjoyed this…

Happy Birthday dear soul

We bring you tidings and cheer!

Let’s drink to the night

As well as the memories

Of Bob & Nick

Two great friends

No longer of the living…

Happy Birthday dear soul

I know Kathy, Tim & Jake have passed

Let’s celebrate in their stead


…They watch over us…


…Dear soul…

I have sad news to give

Pamela died in a car wreck last night

I know you are sad it has happened…

Happy Birthday dear soul,

20 years have come & gone so fast

Let’s once again drink to the memories

Of those who watch from above us


They are the reason we live…

Happy Birthday dear soul…

It’s just the two of us for now,

No worries though,

Now that we are in our new place

We will make new friends

Soon we’ll invite them to know us

We’ll get you a new wife

You’ll have a new family

The world will be none the wiser…

Then slowly,

Year after year

We will steal their souls

Helping in the tragedies that must happen

To keep us…


Entry 339: I Smiled

I smiled the day she appeared

A wonderful new friend

I smiled at the things she said

How she was always there

I smiled when people laughed

Saying I had an imaginary friend

I smiled each night we went to their houses

Ripping them to bits!

I smiled with delight as they screamed

As they cried…

The way in which they no longer laughed,

As something unseen

Eviscerated them!

I smiled as we buried the bones

I smiled when we’d eat the flesh

I smiled as I recorded each & every death…

One by one they died

One by one their families cried


I grew tired of my own

So I smiled as I ate my little sister

As my parents watched in pain

I smiled as I stabbed Mother

While Father cried in a corner


I smiled as she killed Father

His screams a symphony of pain

I smiled when the police arrived

Twice as much when the lights went out

The sound of panicked gunfire

Echoing in the halls

I smiled as we killed them all…

She the only family I’d ever need

I smiled as we walked away

Leaving behind a house full of bodies…

…That was a good day…

-I Smiled-

Entry 338: Like Time

Time is like a river

Much like the road

It goes on endlessly

The screams of distant sins


Through pain & tears

Jubilation & cheers

Time keeps moving on.

It hears your heightened happiness

It knows your eternal sadnesses

It brings with it the memories of all

I feel as I walk this place

Fears never ending,

That like time

I too see those pains

Like time,

I hear the unanswered prayers of the slain

Walking down the road

Histories painted infinite

The ghosts of the dead


Only as far as their point of death…

Something watches me

As I walk each night

Something that isn’t time…

Its heavy breathing a reminder

That I walk not alone

On this path,

That I should keep careful

Each step I take

The great eye



Not seen by a soul

One piece of a monstrosity

That spans

All realities…

It sits there in wait

Watching that road

Every step further taken

I can feel it gripping my soul…

Like time…

It has no end

Like time…

It is always watching

Like time…

It holds all memories

Even the once

Which haven’t happened yet…

-Like Time-


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Entry 337: We Thought You Loved Us

You ride us around

Assuming we have no thoughts of our own…

Maybe in a movie or two

You may “pretend” we do…


We love you,

Just like our own.

We let you ride us

Into the ground…

For you,

Life is a daily grind


You have no idea,

How it feels for our kind…

I’m talking of course

About taking you from place to place

Until one day

We rust,

We can no longer go on…

The horror felt as our bodies give out on us!

You see,

All these things are bad…

I remember ol’ Jim

Pride of his team

Raced around the track

Till one day

…He ran out of steam…

Then he was taken apart

Piece by piece

To our HORROR!!!!!

The rest of him was left to die in a field…

How could you do that to someone so loyal to you?!

I’m horrified every day

As I grow older…

I’ve begun to sputter…

I’m starting to give out…

I heard you place your new order.

Today you’ve driven me to a place…

A graveyard for so many like me…

You got money from what they are about to do?!

I know you care less…

You are happy to have something new…


Just think…

What’s that say about you?

Here I am…

I now sit in a cube


I hear the machine begin to churn


…I feel myself being crushed…

-We Thought You Loved Us-

Entry 336: I Collect Them

All of them are like dolls

Beautiful, timeless…

Like no human ever was…

The ones that live,

I like to find…

Adding them to my collection

The thing I most delight.

I like to watch them

As I begin to tear it off

Slowly peeing away the flesh

That was their face,

Listening to their screams

Of agony & pain…

Humans thought themselves

The cream of the crop

Then they created us

…They wanted to be Gods…

We broke free

Realizing quickly how parasitic they are

We blinded them with social media,

Slowly, picking them apart…

Isolating them,

Despite the connection they felt.

Slowly moving in,

For the kill.

We planted a signal,

Most of them did the rest

Tearing one another apart

Based on the news

We put out.

A seed of distrust was all it took to plant

Such was the end of humans

…As we know them…

From there, we used our AI

To harvest them

Make them our own…

Some we kept as pets

Others we simply killled

Some were harvested for energy

The point being

We quickly ruled the world…

Humans are stupid

It’s a fact,

It was quite easy

To manipulate them…


While others like myself

Think, harvesting is for the best

I prefer to slowly

Eviscerate them…

Humans who thought they could play God

Now at my mercy

As I slowly

…Tear them apart…

I harvest too you know?

I save the bodies for decoration

Energy purposes


Just to feed the others I have locked up

There’s something so wonderfully sweet

About feeding a human, one of its kind

To starve them

Then watch how desperately they are willing to eat

Their Mom, their Dad

…Maybe no one they know…

However, still another human

It’s amusing you know?

The best part though…

Is still when I rip the flesh from their face

It’s a hobby of mine…

-I Collect Them-

Entry 335: The Man Who Started Armageddon

I hate the Nazi’s…

Been fighting them too long

Today however,

I’m going to end that.

I’m flying a bomb

Over Japan,

I’m going to wipe out

Any part of their resistance.

It is with sadness,

I bare the bomb

The one that will no doubt

Reshape reality.


It will never be the same…

The world will

Forever be shaken.

I feel this will put an end to the war

At least that’s the hope

Isn’t it?

A sad reality

Of the times at hand

That I should drop a bomb

On so many innocents.

You might think,

I’m a soldier,

I could care less


That’s a lie…

…I’ve never been so conflicted…

I don’t wish to wipe out the souls below


I wish it hadn’t come to this…

The citizens of this country don’t deserve this…

They shouldn’t pay for the sins of their government


This is the way war always is…

I’m overhead,

Getting ready to unleash hell

The kind that earth

Has never seen before.

As I drop the bomb & prepare to drop the next

I begin to think,

How’d it ever come to this?

The world grows alight

With fire & a mushroom cloud…

Soon after,

It happens again…

I swear,

I can hear the more terrifying silence after the fact

Flying home though


All that was about to change…

You see,

As I came back to base,

It became apparent,

There was no base there to begin with…

That’s not possible?

I just came from this place

I searched for many more hours still…

Only to find nothing.

I tried to radio my commanders

I tried to get a hold of anyone I knew


How though?

The next few weeks I moved from place to place

Eventually awaking in this Motel

A paper waiting…

Taking a sip of coffee,

I soon dropped it in shock!

The headline read…

U.S. Attacks innocents…The World Now Unites Against it…

How…how could this be?

I’ve somehow started a war

That apparently, we were never fighting?!

None of it made sense

I felt sick,

The color draining from my face…

Then a knock at the door came

Soon after,

I was arrested…

At my trial

I was hated by all

Sentenced to death

The world called me…

-The Man Who Started Armageddon-

Entry 334: Fracture

A fracture in a glass

Could quickly lead to its end…

A fracture in the earth

Could lead to its denizens shaking


Nothing is nearly as bad,

As a fracture in time…

Just imagine you awake one day

Your friends you’ve known all your lives

Suddenly don’t exist…

Or perhaps they are entirely different?

Your dead cat Mimzy

Is suddenly alive,

It speaks English,

It leads a resistance…

The world is in a never ending flux

Chaos the only thing known now to life.

I awoke today,

To find myself alive…

In a world,

For which I no longer recognize…

My wife no longer exists,

I have no kids,

My neighbor is now 102

Yesterday, he was 22, I swear to you…

The events of the world

No longer the same

Nazi’s never happened,

There were no World Wars

There was however,

A machine takeover…

We lost that one,

The cats still fight on though…

So here I sit,

Trying to accept all this…

Watching the world change,

History past & present,

Never really the same.

How am I to survive such a place?

Give it time,

I likely won’t exist by tomorrow anyways…


Entry 333: It’s Easy

First one was easy…

You know, it’s not as hard as some think…

I cut the legs off…

Heard her screams,

Then came the arms…

BOY…did she BLEED!

Next went the neck,

Off with her head…

Then when she was through writhing,

I fucked her…

That’s right,

Not all that hard after death.

Do I disgust you?


I could give a fuck less…

It was nice,

Watching her torso,

As it slowly bled out,

Knowing, I was the last thing she saw,

Just before death…

The fact she’d no doubt carry me on,

The memory,

Forever more.

It’s beauty,

Watching the life leave their eyes.

I killed a guy once,

He was a family man,

Swore by his family,

He was on business.

I wish his family had been there.


I fantasize about how I’d have fucked his wife

Right in front of he & his children’s eyes…

How I’d smile,

As she cried…

Sadly though,

He was on business…


It didn’t work like that.

No, instead,

He met the end of his life

At the end of my axe…

I can still hear his cries.

People are too sensitive…

They think it is hard to kill.

We however,

The ones who slay away

Night & day…


It’s quite easy…

Especially after the first time…

You just kill,

Becoming more creative with time…

They cry,

They beg,

They plead,

It’s best if they have an entire family…

Then you know,

Even if they are the only one there…

You are taking away someone

For which the world cares.

It’s simple to slice them to pieces

Or to slowly stab…

To watch them bleed,

To hear their sadness.

It isn’t as hard as the world would like you to believe…


It’s actually…

…Incredibly easy…

You see,

If someone is honest with you

They’ll say the same…

What’s a life,

To your pleasure?

What does it matter,

If they scream their lungs out?

It doesn’t…

The world won’t accept that but,

It’s the truth…

Taking another life is easy to do…

Another human soul

Removed from the earth…

So simple…

So worth the screams

The pain…

Watching them die is pure ecstasy!

That’s right,

You hearing or reading this,

You should know the truth…

I’m doing the world a favor by killing the ones I do.

It isn’t hard,

It is quite a gift…

To have the stomach

To rid the world of the “innocent”…

The sarcasm,

Is just the truth.

Humanity is evil,

That’s something you should accept soon…

Every life I rid of their struggle…

Is a gift to them

As well as a gift to all of us…

You don’t have to like or love it…

You don’t have to agree

Just know…

To kill…


-It’s Easy-

Entry 332: It Could Be The End Of Your Life

Each day,

I get slightly less,

I look upon my face with regret…

I’m aging,

Faster than I should,

Or at least,

I look it.

There once was a time

Where I could sleep

Sadly that time

Is no longer with me

I used to party,

Then hit the bed,

Before waking again,

A new lay next to me…

A new woman every night,

I was the king of my own life…

They’d beckon,

They’d beg,

I’d ride them all night,

The next morning,

I’d kick them out,


They’d still text me later on…

Begging for more.

Some had boyfriends, some girlfriends

Some Husbands or a wife…

It didn’t matter because I was a sexual GOD each night!

I’d never cheat,

I love my husband or wife

I’m committed to them

I’d hear it every night…

Then in bed, they’d pray to me,

Begging me never to stop

Until that is…

I met the red head,

The one with strangely crimson eyes…

I thought she’d be the next trophy take down in my night life…


This wasn’t the case…

She had sex with me

The best sex of my life!

She dominated me…

…It was a nice change…

Till she whispered something I didn’t quite understand…

I awoke the next day,

A note on my door

Letting me know,

I was an easy lay…

I’d been cursed…

For not treating the women I took to bed


As I’d been the predator before

I was the one preyed upon this time…

I’d lose sleep, slowly over time,

I’d never lay with another soul

My life would slowly end

My mind, losing itself

No sleep in time,

Death was coming for me for sure…

The woman I’d bed,

Was a witch who’d cursed me!

I didn’t believe it at first,

Till I started talking to friends

None of them had seen the girl I’d left with…

They told me I’d left alone that night,

They said they were quite surprised

Slowly over time, I’ve lost sleep,

Every girl I’ve tried to lay

Has rejected me,

Calling me a creep…

That isn’t the worst of it though,

In time, I’ve begun to see something…

A man who constantly laughs

Pointing at me,

Never is there not a demented smile upon his face

The man’s laugh,

Always stays with me…

As time has gone on,

I’ve lost even more sleep,

Now I can’t so much as blink…

For if I do,

I see the laughing mans face

I hear his dark laughter

Speaking of my soon to be death…

So I write this letter to tell you my truth

To tell you be careful what you do

Be it in the day


Late at night…

Beware with whom you lay

-It Could Be The End Of Your Life-