Entry 348: The High Price Of Fame

Most wish for this more than anything

Some for reasons of narcissism

Others because they think it will solve their worries

Little do they know,

It will not fill the empty hole

Within their souls.

Mr. Wilson got it, having given up his soul

Only to find he’d gained nothing

He’d lost control of his own world…

Money did not comfort him how he thought it would

It led only to more worries

Which led eventually to an attack of his heart

All the stress

Made everything fall apart…

Mrs. Ann before him

Gave up her family, her friends,

Replacing them with all the attention

She thought she could ever want

Only to discover

She was the loneliest soul of all

She’d lost her real friends,

Her true family,

She was all alone

Which in the end

Led to her life ending at the end of her own gun…

I’m tired she wrote

More tired than anyone could ever imagine…

So many chase this dream

Not truly understanding

How lonely it can be…

Tom Willock thought it’d make life easy

With it, he thought,

I’ll live comfortably…


Such was not the case,

He gave up his privacy,

The one thing he cherished most

To attain the dream…


The privacy leading to his death

After a controversy.

A crazed fan, not agreeing with his sins

Came up & stabbed him.

There’s a cost to all things,

If you seek this dream,

Be sure you know at what cost

You are willing to pay


-The High Price Of Fame-

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