Entry 347: Happiness Is Your Reality

Do not adjust your audio

Do not adjust your screens

Know you are happiest

In reality…

Yes, you,

Seeing this…

How is life?

Trust us,

It’s magnificent!

Regardless of your situation

Know, what is around you is real

Obey & believe us

When we say,

Happiness is your reality!

Happiness is the breath of life

Even the pain of death

Happiness is the reality & journey

Between this…

Know the food you eat

The taste of that drink

It is reality


Reality is your happiness.

Regardless of the emotions you are experiencing

No matter where you live

You’ve worked hard to earn this privilege…

So do not fret,

Do not feel worry at all

Everything around you

Is real…

The idols you worship

The Gods you pray to

They *REDACTED* real

Take comfort in your everyday

Make better your life

Smile at the kids you made

With your husband or wife

In being single

In REDACTED the truth



-Happiness Is Your Reality-

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