Entry 343: It’s All About The Drugs My Friend

It’s all about the drugs my man

It’s all about the slam

It gets you going!

Putting you on that high

At least for a time

It’s euphoric as FUCK the first time

Each subsequent time after that

Becoming more & more


It’s a trip when you see them at first

A game in your head

Because you’re in another universe!

High as fuck


In good health

This drug doesn’t harm us

It helps our universe!

It’s a time & a place

Something to make sweet love too

Allowing you to transcend your worries

Your pains

It’s all good

Till…you meet them.


You’ll see them even more


You’ll begin to see their forms

Eventually, you’ll see the dead

The loved ones

Lost within your head

It’s an experience

To talk to them again

You’ll cry,


Feel happiness…

…Pure zen…

Then you’ll start to see the truth

You’ll see the way they died

Repeated before you.

Death, is its own pain

Witnessing those moments again & again

Brings me suffering!

You’ll want to stop at this point


Your body will not let you.

You’re dependent now

The sadness becoming next level

As you begin to burn your hands

Cut yourself,

Break a finger here & again

Anything to bring you off that high

The one you have to take now

That zen turned horror

…It’s all about the drugs my friend…

They keep us going in this life

A self prescription

That brings about pain

Wrapped in a box

That claims happiness

…At first…

I saw the walls turn to ceilings

I saw my face melt off

There was a man with massive teeth

Laughing as he cut on me

A dog, that talked

Promising me,

Anything I could ever want

The woman who always bakes that delicious bread

The one with a smell that seems off my friend.

Why am I telling you this now?

I’m telling you it to make sure you aren’t drawn into that place

A place that lies to us each day.

Promising an escape

Slowly driving us insane!

I’m speaking to you right now

No doubt you are receiving this somehow

That’s the great trick though my friend

Have you seen them yet?

Running things from behind the scenes

Promising you a life

A proper reality.

Don’t be fooled my friend

It’s all a lie!

If you are seeing this

Comfortably staring at your screen


If you are listening to this, maybe?


You should ponder what you believe to be true.

Your life,

Your family,


…It isn’t what you believe…

Sometimes you’ll see the little cracks

The things that make no sense…

The alternate histories

As they bleed through your realities

Made into entertainment & speculation

Of conspiracy.

Yes, I’m speaking of things like “The Mandela Effect”

Memories that never happened

Yet, are still fresh…

They are part of the truth to this reality.

You reading this right now…

Break free from the drugs

See the truth behind the lies


-It’s All About The Drugs My Friend-

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