Entry 338: Like Time

Time is like a river

Much like the road

It goes on endlessly

The screams of distant sins


Through pain & tears

Jubilation & cheers

Time keeps moving on.

It hears your heightened happiness

It knows your eternal sadnesses

It brings with it the memories of all

I feel as I walk this place

Fears never ending,

That like time

I too see those pains

Like time,

I hear the unanswered prayers of the slain

Walking down the road

Histories painted infinite

The ghosts of the dead


Only as far as their point of death…

Something watches me

As I walk each night

Something that isn’t time…

Its heavy breathing a reminder

That I walk not alone

On this path,

That I should keep careful

Each step I take

The great eye



Not seen by a soul

One piece of a monstrosity

That spans

All realities…

It sits there in wait

Watching that road

Every step further taken

I can feel it gripping my soul…

Like time…

It has no end

Like time…

It is always watching

Like time…

It holds all memories

Even the once

Which haven’t happened yet…

-Like Time-


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