Entry 337: We Thought You Loved Us

You ride us around

Assuming we have no thoughts of our own…

Maybe in a movie or two

You may “pretend” we do…


We love you,

Just like our own.

We let you ride us

Into the ground…

For you,

Life is a daily grind


You have no idea,

How it feels for our kind…

I’m talking of course

About taking you from place to place

Until one day

We rust,

We can no longer go on…

The horror felt as our bodies give out on us!

You see,

All these things are bad…

I remember ol’ Jim

Pride of his team

Raced around the track

Till one day

…He ran out of steam…

Then he was taken apart

Piece by piece

To our HORROR!!!!!

The rest of him was left to die in a field…

How could you do that to someone so loyal to you?!

I’m horrified every day

As I grow older…

I’ve begun to sputter…

I’m starting to give out…

I heard you place your new order.

Today you’ve driven me to a place…

A graveyard for so many like me…

You got money from what they are about to do?!

I know you care less…

You are happy to have something new…


Just think…

What’s that say about you?

Here I am…

I now sit in a cube


I hear the machine begin to churn


…I feel myself being crushed…

-We Thought You Loved Us-


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