Entry 334: Fracture

A fracture in a glass

Could quickly lead to its end…

A fracture in the earth

Could lead to its denizens shaking


Nothing is nearly as bad,

As a fracture in time…

Just imagine you awake one day

Your friends you’ve known all your lives

Suddenly don’t exist…

Or perhaps they are entirely different?

Your dead cat Mimzy

Is suddenly alive,

It speaks English,

It leads a resistance…

The world is in a never ending flux

Chaos the only thing known now to life.

I awoke today,

To find myself alive…

In a world,

For which I no longer recognize…

My wife no longer exists,

I have no kids,

My neighbor is now 102

Yesterday, he was 22, I swear to you…

The events of the world

No longer the same

Nazi’s never happened,

There were no World Wars

There was however,

A machine takeover…

We lost that one,

The cats still fight on though…

So here I sit,

Trying to accept all this…

Watching the world change,

History past & present,

Never really the same.

How am I to survive such a place?

Give it time,

I likely won’t exist by tomorrow anyways…


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