Entry 318: Lullaby

Hush now dear little one

Sleep quite well

By the time you wake up

Momma will have you something swell

It’ll be delicious

Full of meat

All the nutrients

You’ll ever need

You’ll be eating it,

For the next several weeks

Maybe if you really behave

I can get one for you as a pet…

So sleep now my sweet

Get plenty of rest

You’ll be happy when you awake

I assure you of that…

Listen to the sound of the rain

As it falls down

Or the drops of blood

From those in the meat room

…As they silently pray for a way out…

If you listen real close

You’ll get quite the lullaby

The beautiful screaming

Of what will soon be on the dinner plate…

So know peace my little bundle of joy

Mommy will keep you safe

Dream of the death

You’ll one day create

The tears of those

Who will  beg you

To spare them

…At least one more day…

Meanwhile you’ll devour them,

Their families as well

Providing for your own little one

Who will be…

…Your world…

*Child falls asleep to the sound of distant screams*


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