Entry 317: Peresephone’s Chance

If you care to take a chance

Go down to Hotel Sin

Ask for Peresephone

She’s a witch

The gatekeeper of dreams


…Your eternal torment…

Play a game

Meant for two

She’ll have the dice,

Understand the way it rolls

Depends on your life

It isn’t about good or bad

It is how you’re judged to have lived

The parameters of which

Change person to person…

If you manage to survive the game

Find your way to the end…

You can claim whatever you like


Lose & The Chamber will be

Where you spend the rest of your afterlife.

The Chamber is a place of souls

Stricken in darkness to no end

You don’t see what comes

You only hear the horrors

The songs of misery that know no end…

You see…

Down there…

You will come to find,

Torment & suffering to be your only friends!

So what is it you wish?

What is it you’d like?

An eternal life?

Riches beyond your wildest dreams?

Perhaps a way out of Black Winter?


Some other secret thing?

If this is the case

Then head on down to Hotel Sin

Ask for Peresephone

Then the game will begin

The dice roll of your eternity

Perhaps you might win?

The name of the game you ask?

-Peresephone’s Chance-



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