Entry 311: L.O.V.E.

What is love?

Is it kindness?

Is it forgiveness?

Is it unadulterated compassion for our fellow man or woman?

Love is not what we see in the media

Love is not what we see on tv

Love is special…

It is compassion…

It is something pure

Something sweet…

Has life shown you love?

Has the world shown you love?

Has it shown you hate?

I’m here to tell you

Hate is fear

Hate is misunderstanding

Those who have hate in their hearts

Have not been shown proper love

We all want love

We all want to be loved

Is it so hard to love one another?

Is it so hard not to care about the pigmentation of ones skin?

Their preferences in who they fall in love with?

Love should be easier than hate


The world shows more hate

The world shows this hate my friends

My family…

They show this hate because

…They have not been given love…

Blessed are those who see love

Who know love

Who see love even in those who have hate for them.

It is through love that we can end hate…

I know what you may be thinking

You may be thinking what is this hippie talk?

You with hate still in your hearts

You who doubt our love

It is you who have that cynicism

Festering like a sickness within you…

Tonight I’m here to tell you

It is easy my friends.

It is truly easy to love one another…

It is truly easy to let go of hate.

If one is to give up hate

It is then

That soul will see love for what it is…

It is then they will see the forgiveness given

It is THEN…

…They will feel the weight that has burdened them for so long…

Fall off.

*Congregation nods*

Brothers & Sisters

These souls have not been given love

They have only been treated wrong

Much like you all…

Their hearts are hardened by the sickness

The disease of hate…

They know not the error of their ways

Like the world

They see us as a threat

Because Hate has them twisted…

*Turns towards the monitor*

Look deep within your mind

You can see us, right?

You can envision us…

Witness what is happening here now

As you read my words

Know there is love in our hearts

That you can show the same love in your reality

The kindness and compassion

That you & your fellow man & woman deserve

Love isn’t hard

It is quite easy…

Witness what happens when hate corrupts

See the sad end it brings…

*Muffled screams*

Understand as you witness what sin has wrought for these souls

Understand that they were given love

They were given every chance to have love

To hold it

…To know it…

*Congregation nods*

Understand that as I speak to my brothers & sisters

That I speak to you

My name is Samantha

What is yours?

It is very nice to meet you

Witness now

The pain hate brings

*Honey poured upon 3 men & one woman*

Witness now the sadness in our hearts

As we send the sinners to the dark Hell they’ve wrought

Know now…

…This is their fault…

*Congregation repeats This Is Their Fault in unison*

Rest easy dear friends

I ask only that we all know love

That we all let go of hate

That we kill

…Only when God tells us it is necessary…

*Ants poured upon the body of the sinners*


Know now, as you witness what sin brings

That we hurt & feel the pain of the sinners!


Sadly, my children

…If you have only hate…

…You know only hate…

Hate is all you become…

If you refuse love

…Death is what comes…

…Let us pray…


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