Entry 310: They Who Searched For Hope


They breathed through their masks

Walking inside the caves

Praying beyond hope

The things they discovered

Were not the things they thought

They might…


The first drops of blood

Dripped upon one of the mens faces

Then came the chittering

Followed by whispering

Into darkness the last one in line

Was dragged…

Screaming as he disappeared

His team unable to help

Then came the screams

Blistering the remaining souls ears

For they knew

The next thing that’d happen

Is they would likely

Be missing too…


The screams rang on

Almost like a song

The remaining men tried to turn and run…

Sadly for them

The entrance was gone


Was their first thought…

Was it an illusion


They were lost in confusion

As soon another was snatched up!

This one vanished high above

Blood soon raining

Along with his guts!


The other men ran

Only 4 left

Half searching

For the missing families within.

Most in truth were now running

Crying and screaming!

Wondering why they ever showed up?

They were just volunteers

Looking for the missing families

That’d vanished over the years

Supposedly with not even a trace of dust…


How could they know as another was ripped in half

That they’d never leave this place again

They wanted to do the right thing

Guess sometimes

The right thing

Doesn’t end well…


Yet another man died soon after

His face eaten off!

2 left in his stead,

Soon they’d be dead

It was only a matter of time they thought…

What would they do now?

The men fired their guns

Into darkness unknown

Their screams

The only things that could be heard…

The gunfire was mute

It did nothing it’s true

As another soon lost his head!


One life remained

He tried to stifle his screams

As he heard silence soon fall…

His ammunition useless

He fired off his last round

Hoping he’d kill something

He thought…

No sound came

A low breathing soon felt

Just over the final survivors shoulder…


The little ones crawled

A scream was heard

Soon they began burrowing inside his flesh!

The mans died

The townspeople were scared

Still no one would dare enter the caves again…

What befell the lost families?

What killed the men who searched for them?

Many a question and mystery remained…


One thing was for sure

It is likely no one would ever truly know

Where the families had gone


Just what had killed…

-They Who Searched For Hope-


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