Entry 307: Just Another Rain

Gazing up at me

You see me in the night sky

You watch the lightning

Still, you don’t bat an eye

A storm is coming

You think to yourself

I’d better get ready to make camp for the night

A shame for you

You realize not the truth

My rain now falling upon you…

Every time I touch your flesh

My vision begins to increase

The way you taste

I can feel you

Reading your soul

Already well within your mind

The thoughts that you have are ELECTRIFYING!!!!

To you,


Just another rain,

Just another night,

You believe…

You’re gonna have a fun time

You’ll hang with your friends

You tell stories that will scare all

Never knowing

The real horror story

Is already upon you…

The more I feel you

Be it drips through the tent,

Your standing in the rain,

Or perhaps through the ground after

My rain has made contact…

It is already happening

You are quickly growing sick

The fever will be sudden

You cough

You think it’s just a cold

Perhaps the flu

Little do you know

It is the beginning of

My digestion of you…

In time,

Over the course of the night

You’ll burn fever stronger still

Till your brain cells have burned away

As you die

I will begin to digest

All there is of your flesh

Piece by piece

You’ll slowly return

To the earth

You once called home

Your flesh is good

Your insides are great

It’s a shame you believed me to be

-Just Another Rain-

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