Entry 306: It Watches You Nightly

One tap

Two tap

Three tap


When I come a knocking

You’d best answer your door!

If you don’t

I’ll kill you more slowly

Than I planned to before


Using your skin for my personal decor!

Sometimes I like to string people up

Cut them REAL SLOW!

Taste the blood as it drips for their cuts

Listen to them scream


Yes, humans may be filth

However, they taste the best!

Their souls are great

Their meat, even better than the best!!!!

You see,

The filthier & more vile the soul tends to be

The more delicious they are

The PERFECT kind of delicacy!

Chant your prayers

Speak your faith

I answer to no Gods

So it will mean nothing to me anyways!

Some call me the Boogie man

Others The Shadow that Creeps

I have many names

Call me whatever you please!

No matter what you say

Or to whom you pray

You can bet I’ll come tapping at your door

Creeping out the closet

Perhaps I’ll simply hide in your homes attic

Just watching

…Waiting as you sleep…

…Seeing…how safe…

…You believe yourself to be…

Then I’ll taunt, I’ll toy

I’ll mess with your head

It’s fun to play with ones food

Just before said foods death…

You’ll run

You’ll scream

You’ll call the police on me

Go ahead!

By the time they arrive

There will be a trail of blood

You’ll be nothing but pieces of organs

Perhaps bits of flesh

I’ll be gone

Making your skin

Another part of my home…

-It Watches You Nightly-

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