Entry 305: May Their Souls Know Rest

I cry for the lost

I cry for the soon to end

The souls who see my light

The dread when they realize

To Death they will soon go,

Wherever their lives habits have chosen

I walk at night

Through these woods

Appearing before

The soon to be gone…

I do not envy my place

I am here however

And for that…

I must continue my purpose

The living, see my lantern

They believe they’ve found a way out

In truth however,

It’s an omen that they’ve been chosen

Death is coming

Their lives afford them very little time

The woods I walk through

Assure their demise.

Some are hungry

Having been lost for quite a while

Some are healthy but…

Stalked by Death, they are still

Or at least, a form of it

There are things that live in this place…

Things that will kill mercilessly!

I do not kill the souls

I merely show them to their end

If they can see me

They are already fated to soon be dead…

…As is anyone, who is with them…

If I had a choice in preventing it

If I only could

…I would…


In these woods I walk at night

Holding the lantern that signals the end of life

Walking the living to their Death

Praying my prayer

-May Their Souls Know Rest-


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