Entry 304: The Bellvue Mines

In The Bellvue Mines

A tragedy took place

Not a cave in

A monster

Or that sort of thing…

Rather a man who’d lost all

Decided to show the world how he felt

Terry Andrews was his name

Worked for the Bellvue Mines

For 30 years he did…

When a few days out from retirement he was

The owners of the mine

Fired him…

The grounds were false

Everyone knew it


Money talks & as such

Terry’s life was ruined.

The big wigs money kept the rest in silent protest

Anyone who thought of complaining


Took the money given to them…

Deciding to look away instead.

Terry was angry


Rightfully so!

He attempted to bring up the issue

With the business bureau

The money however,

Kept their greed filled hearts…

From doing anything about it.


Terry appeared one day

Killing everyone he saw

Butchering them, slowly!

The axe pick he used

Was the same that would be his end

Tearing open his employers entrails

Digging out their hearts

Laying to rest the souls who kept silent as well,

Terry ended his life

Well before help could arrive

Or so…

That’s the way the story goes…

You see,

Any who enter the Bellvue Mines to this day


Often never heard from again


Are found…

Strung up, hanging by their own insides!

It is believe Terry still roams

Murdering any,

Who’d think to claim the mine as their own…

So if you ever wander Black Winter

And you happen to see a sign that reads

…The Bellvue Mines…

Avoid the place

Move on elsewhere

Do not disturb Terry

…Or whatever may be lurking out there…

-The Bellvue Mines-

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