Entry 301: The Bakery

There is a bakery

On West St.

The kind that makes the tastiest treats!

Witches & souls come far & wide

To taste The Bakers delicious delicacies!

What is it in the bread?

The sweetest thing that could be had!

It makes Witches smile as they feast

It’ll even bring a smile the meanest of the mean!

Old man Grimm sat on the street last week

Singing the praises of The Bakery!

Notoriously angry he usually is

Today however,

He was the happiest!

Yes, the bread tastes quite nice

The stuffing within

Really brings it to life!

One day a child came to the baker with a request

Please sir, can I have a taste of your bread.

He told her come to him after close

He’d have something perfect for her!

So that she did

Strangely enough…

No one ever saw her again!

The day after everyone’s bread came

With a new dipping sauce

For all The Bakers customer base!

The sauce was truly great

The Bakery won best place to eat

For the 20th year in a row!

The Baker was asked what was in that delicious paste,

That made the sauce taste so great?!

With a smile & a nod

He answered them

“I bake it with love & the help of the children!”

AWW! Everyone proclaimed

The Baker is a real kind soul

He even cares about the children!

If you wish to get a taste

Of the greatest bread one could make

Come on down & try the breads

And treats


-The Bakery-

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