Entry 300: At The End Of The Hall

At the end of the hallway

There it stands

A shadow enshrouded

Massacre induced




Down the hall

Never once does anyone see it move

Yet often are the bodies found

They’ve tried to move it

They’ve tried to kill it

Nothing ever works

It continues to stare

Ever watchful


Ready to kill the next soul

Who crosses its path

If they so much as turn their back.

We should probably leave you say

It’s not quite that simple though

We are trapped within a trance

A nightmare that has become our prison

A prison that ends only in death.

How we came to arrive in this place

No one knows, really…

We slept & never awoke

Now we stand tortured

By the evil soul

It stares from the end of the hall

Morphing a nightmare

For which it controls

No one has ever found a way out

Death only leads to losing ones soul

It stares from the end of the hall

I wish there were a way out

We never know who it’ll consume next

Its red eyed glare


-At The End Of The Hall-


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