Entry 299: Zack & Jack #2: 2nd Grade

Jack & I have been doing well

2nd grade can sometimes be hell

Last week I had to eat mystery meat for lunch

Jack assured me he’d added something nice to it!

It was funny

Because the lunch lady we had was new

I pondered where the regular one went


Jack said…

She’s enjoying an early retirement

I shouldn’t worry about such things.

In class today,

They were trying to teach us simple math.

I was asked to tell my teacher what 1-1 would become…

I told her 0 was the answer she was looking for

At which point Jack thought it’d be fun to give his own version.

The kids all pointed and stared

All freaked out

Save for Tara.

She knew about Jack

So she wasn’t surprised

When the chalk on the board

Wrote a nice rhyme.

Mrs. Tinsley worked at school

She lived alone

In quiet solitude.

If there’s one of her now…

How many coffins will they need

When after death

She is inevitably found?

Naturally, upon seeing this

My teacher freaked out!

She grew afraid

Started making wild accusations

Asking who wrote such sick things?!

Eventually she lost her mind

A month later

Her body was found.

Strange coincidence right?

Now the whole neighborhood has a curfew.

On the bright side though,

We were let out of school for a few days

Which gave me plenty of time

To hang out with Tara.

-Zack & Jack #2: 2nd Grade-

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