Entry 296: A Love That Destroyed A World

There is a boy lost in a place

Somewhere between time & space

Wandering the halls of a house

Never knowing if or when he will get out…

Why would he wind up in such a space?

A place haunted by so many things

The boy committed a sin long ago

One that cost his entire world

Now he is confined to a house

Far away from anything else

Forced to walk by candlelight

Every day


Every night.

What did he do to deserve such a fate?

He protected a girl

Still vulnerable

From being burned at the stake!

A witch hunt had ensued

She wasn’t a witch sure…

The boy however, eventually found

The girl he loved

Was a Goddess of Hell!

Still he protected her

Even as she killed

Perhaps the townsfolk deserved it?


Such was not his decision to make

He knew if he protected her

He’d suffer a dark fate!


Not all is wrong with this tale

For you see

He should be devoured


That being said, the girl

Seeing how he protected her

Gave him a candle

The candle a light which will never burn out

Blessed by a dark magic

It prevents him from being killed


Tormented by the denizens of the house.

Now he walks through the ever changing madness within

Looking for an exit

Thinking of the one,

Hoping to see her again

His one true love

A Goddess of Hell…

Someone he’ll love, always!

You see the boy saw a kindness in her

No one else could

Whether he was right or not

Is up for debate still.

The world destoryed

Was a world of perversion

Still, not all the people there

Served this judgement,

Were in fact deserving.

For all the cruel innocents burned by the townsfolk

They did so hoping to prevent the inevitable.

They knew of the Witch’s

The world destroyer, they knew not

Unfortunately, the death of an entire world

Lay on the shoulders of a 9 year old kid

Having fallen in love…

-A Love That Destroyed A World-

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