Entry 285: I’m Just A Kid…Who Can Control Time

I’m a kid

I’m familiar with time

I’m a kid

Sometimes I’m a day behind

I’m a kid

I have feelings just like you & yours

So why is it you stare at me with contempt?

Why is it you don’t seem to care, who I am?

All you care about is where we go

How you can fix the things you regret so.

No regard for the consequences I give

Only anger when you are punished.

You can’t break the law

Then expect there to be no consequence

So why would you break the rules of time

Never expecting any kind of resistance?

I tell all who find me what happens next

If for some reason they choose to abuse

My power,

For their own benefit.

A chance taken

Always punished

Save for once

You have to know

When you make the agreement

You will give payment in the end.

It doesn’t matter to you,

Till it happens however…


To you,

It’s all about how you’ll benefit

…To you…

-I’m Just A Kid…Who Can Control Time-

Entry 284: Tape 2

*Recording begins*

I sit here on a boat

I know not the time

The world is cold

I see it

Through the foggy skies!

There glows a great red

Something lurks behind that.

At first there is silence

Then a constant resonant


A heavy breathing

I’m not sure if you can hear it


I’ve tried recording it too.

If you could see what I see with my eyes

The terrifyingly colossal monstrosity

Roaming behind the layers of the sky

You’d know as I do now too

…It’s all over…

…We’re all doomed…




-Tape 2-

Entry 283: The Eye

Look into the Eye

See how it stares

Know it knows your thoughts

Know it knows your prayers

The secrets hidden within

All the long forgotten sins

The Eye sees them

As it does you

If you blink

To oblivion it will send you.

You might think

That makes little sense


How are we to understand The Eye’s reasoning?

We know not why it stares you into death.

We know not why it reads all of your darkest secrets.

If the Eye happens upon you

It’s probably too late

Your fate is bound

Just accept it.

-The Eye-


Entry 282: The Film

Black & white

Such a beautiful sight

Watch it play

The tragic ends

Day after day.

Come forth

Enter the room

Dare to watch what happens

Within the film room.

A reel

Age unknown

Plays a specific event

Again & again

Adding each time it plays

A new found victim.

So come forth

Watch the black & white film roll

See the sad stories

Of the other souls.

The ones who dared to watch

Some for thrills

Others happened upon the obscure piece


It does not matter

If you close your eyes

So long as you are present when it starts to play

Trapped in the room

You will be.

The sad truth of the matter

As you attempt to close your eyes

Or look away,

In your mind

It will play anyways.

No escape

Nothing you can do

Until finally you are drawn within

The black & white world

Within the film,

Ensuring your doom!

It is at this point

Overwhelming sadness will occur

Your nightmarish reality

Overwhelming you.

There is no hope

The whispers will begin

Things that only you hear

As the film plays silently

Inside the room.

Soon enough you will be like all the rest

Another victim

Another of the dead.

Maybe you will hang?

Maybe you will take a gun to your head?

Maybe you will simply cut yourself to death?

The one thing assured from this place

Is you will take your life

…In some way…

-The Film-

Entry 281: Blood! Blood! Blood!

Bloody run

Bloody fun

Blood! Blood! Blood!

How many times can you


Slicing & dicing

Oh so much FUN!

Continuing on until you are



Drip, drip, drip

It goes all over the place

Sometimes it runs fast

Other times it slowly crawls

Covering your face.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

We have another winner right now!

Best get the body bag ready

They couldn’t handle the game

It was too hard for them!

So we move on

Always another contestant in place

Always more cutting

So much blood for us to taste!

Whisper, whisper, whisper

Do you hear my words

Go ahead

Begin cutting

Tear at your flesh

Watch the blood run

As you pick at your flesh.

Does it bring you a smile?

Does it make you feel alive?

Are you happy it’s almost over?

Do regret taking your life?

Bloody run!

Bloody fun!


Better call the coroner


So easy to manipulate

So easy to play

So much BLOOD!




Bloody run…

Bloody fun…


Go ahead…

Go on and cut…

I’ll be right here waiting

…This is so much fun…

-Blood! Blood! Blood!-

Entry 280: I’m Closer Than You Think


I smile at you

Across the way

The window like lake

Between us.

We are so close,

Yet so far away.

If you put your hand up to the divider

Would we be any closer

To crossing that lake?

Would the infinite eons of existence

For which we potentially live away

Fold into one another

Allowing us to meet face to face?

Would you like that?

I can see it in your eyes as you read my words

It’s an interesting thought

The potential chaos.

Whether you live in a digital age


You stand at a lake of print

You would swear you know me


Any of those you meet


When was the last time you fell in love

With someone for which you could never see?

Someone in another reality?

How many lives have you lived?

How many souls have you met?

How many times have you wished

You could meet us?

What if I said, you have?

What if I said, the world of barriers that separates us

Is only one created by your mind?

You see, we are very real.

We just live in another state of time.

For while you read about us in stories

We read about you in much the same way

Potentially watch you on televisions

Entertainment for our everyday.

Oh, you thought yourselves the only sentient life?

Who do you think inspires the stories that authors write?

How do you think you learn of entire lives?

Wars, conflicts you will never see in your reality

All very real for us

Just as things like your Atom bomb

Your nuclear weapons

The wars fought in your world

Are for you.

*Lights & Screen begin to flicker*

What if I told you

We could meet today?

No more boundaries

Just you & me?

If such an offer were to exist

Would you give up everything

To meet us?

*Smiling Wink*

-I’m Closer Than You Think-


Entry 279: Lurking Within The Depths

Gods forgive me,

I’m not sure what I’ve done!

I was researching beneath the ocean


…I saw it…

A massive creature,

All in black!

It’s eyes only lit up by the searchlight I had!

I looked at the thing

It was impossible to the size

Of the demon far down below,

The entire time…

It just stared at me!

I’m terrified!

I’ve escaped the ocean in one piece




I see the beast

Every single night!

It lurks within my dreams

Simply staring…

I’m writing this now, so you can understand

Every time I awake

I’m able to tell, less & less

Where the hell I am?!

So, with what little sanity

I have left

Let me warn you

Do not search the deeps of oceans!


Something lives deep down below

Something for which I can explain no more!

It haunts me

However, this thing is not the worst

It’s the fact, I get this feeling

That thing isn’t the last of them!

You see,

I can’t help but sense

…There are others like it…

-Lurking Within The Depths-

Entry 278: Speak Your Wish To Me

Do you have a wish?

What may it be?

I warn you,

You only get one wish

…From me…

Make it good

Think it through

If you don’t,

You’ll regret it,

I assure you.

I can make anything you want

Your own.

Anyone you need, could be yours.

Like that man but, he’s got a wife?

No worries, she won’t long be,

In his life.

Perhaps she dies

In the most horrific way

I can make it extra gruesome

If that’d satisfy you?

You want all the money in the world?

As boring as that’d be,

You can have it,

You need only speak your wish to me.

Is there a catch you might ask?

Well, of course there is.

You must forfeit the life of another

A small price to pay indeed

For all the fame, fortune, or love

You could ever wish there to be.

What’s the life of one

To a life time of fun?

Come on

…Go ahead…

-Speak Your Wish To Me-