Entry 295: The Lighthouse & The Monster

There is a place

Older than time

A lighthouse

Truly divine

It’s a beautiful place

In the middle of an Ocean Of Death

The souls of the dead

Within the oceans depths

Helplessly screaming…

Wishing they still had a chance!

The light projects

The light protects

It brings safety to the passing ships

The ones which ride this Ocean Of Death

The ones with souls who still have a chance.

What does it protect the souls from you ask?

A darkness waiting to consume them.

A monster locked within space & time…

Forgotten by the living.

The light keeps it at bay,

Locked within the confines of this between state.

Inside this place however,

Even the ferrymen & Reapers

Who ferry the souls with a chance

Are in grave danger if not within

The lighthouses warm embrace.

The monstrosity is a horrid thing

Its influence seeping into other realities

The originator of evil itself

Much worse than The Devil it be!

No God could wish to kill

That which can kill them…

So it is,

They locked away

The darkest part of any history!

Though its evil thoughts slip within

The minds & hearts of many men

The monster itself is contained within

The Lighthouses ever watching eyes

No hope of leaving

So long as the beacon of hope remains.

On & on the lighthouse turns

Its lights spinning safety

Wherever they touch.

Still it is that it sits in the center of a storm

The monster encircling it near completely!

Blood soaked rains pour!

Thunder roars!

Lightning gives a glimpse of what lurks just out of sight!

The ferrymen are warned never to look

Into the monsters gaze

Lest they be driven insane!

Turning their boats far away

Leaving the lighthouse for darkness

Their screams piercingly loud

Played again & again

For the monsters own sick amusement…

Ask any ferrymen or Reaper

Who’ve sailed the Ocean Of Death

What is it they fear most?

They’ll tell you

…Ferrying the souls across the Ocean Of Death…

The Monster ever watching!

The Monster ever taunting!

The storm that churns eternally!

The chorus of the souls who scream just as long!

…The Lighthouse being ones only hope…

-The Lighthouse & The Monster-



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