Entry 292: Tape 3

*Playback begins*

What is that sound?

Do you hear it?

I’ve been in this place

For a decade or more

Still it lurks

Still it roars!

The walls shake

I can’t see outside

It’s been a long time

Since I’ve seen true light.

Something is high above

Sometimes I can hear screams


I swear,

It watches me sleep!

How is this possible?

Could it even be truth?

Surely there is no way

It could see me at all.


I’ve been in this bunker

For quite a long time

Cold, concrete walls

Very dim lights.

I don’t remember much

I awoke in this place alone

I’ve never seen another soul


Yet, outside,

They all scream!

They all cry!

Something is out there

Killing them


*Flesh peeling*


I’ve had this incurable itch!

It gets so bad


I have to peel my flesh!

The flesh grow back

The itching seems gone

Then it happens again,

In a different place!

Nothing makes sense anymore

Nothing is right.

Sometimes it all becomes too much

I’ve tried to take my own life!

If I do though,

Be it gun to the head,

Slitting of the wrists,

Taking all the pills & vodka I have,



It matters not…

I always awake,

Wounds always heal

I can hear its roaring

I can hear their screams

I itch

I feel it within my mind

JUST LET ME DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*Bunker shakes*

*Playback ends*

-Tape 3-

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