Entry 290: The Grave

Day 1

We thought it was a lot of fun

Praying to the one who was 6 feet below

A witch they said

Someone who could give you anything

For a simple price

Pray to her

It would change your life!

Day 2

The money turned up

My bank account showed

I was a trillionare

Though cliche’ to wish for money

It may seem,

I thought I’d go with an outrageous amount

Figuring nothing would happen.

Day 3

Anna told me her Mother had returned

She’s been dead for 5 years

We visited her

She was in pristine condition

No memory issues

Save for not knowing she was ever dead

We had dinner with her that night

…Everything seemed fine…

Day 4

Brandon showed off his new car

It was a beauty

Gifted to him

Taxes payed

All of it from praying to the one

In the grave…

Day 5

I returned to the grave

Praying to the one 6 feet below

I heard her whispers

They said,

Offer me your blood

I’ll grant you anything.

I did as she said,

A blood pact made

My crush


Called professing his secret love for me!

Day 6

Anna’s Mom made us a cake

Zack & I went on our first date

This was perfect

The rumors were true!

The one below will grant you anything!

Day 7

Anna won’t reply back

I’ve texted her throughout the day

Still, nothing.

Day 8

Zack & I made out

We were gonna take it a step further


We got a call

It was Brandon’s Mother

…He was in a wreck…

At the scene

…He was pronounced dead…

Day 9

…Something isn’t right…

I was eating my slice of cake

Suddenly something squirmed inside

I spit it out!

Maggots were inside!

Examining the cake

Closer still

I found an eye

The color matches Anna’s!!!!!

Day 10

Anna was on the news this morning

She was dead

Baked into the cake

Sent to us,

Her Mother’s still lifeless corpse

Sat in a chair,

Seemingly having been eating cake.

Day 11

I visited her again

I had to know, what was happening?!

I prayed to her

Asking for her to fix the wrongs

Make everything how it was again

She told me pray harder still

Day 12 was fast approaching

Day 12

Out of curiosity I checked

My Bank Account

Nothing was there

A withdrawal had come

It was Zack

He’d stolen my information

He took the money from my account

He even called to tell me what he did

Bragged about how I was so stupid!

He left me

…For a girl named June…

Day 13

I heard the one below again

She spoke to me of how to right everything again

Slice my throat from ear to ear

Promise my soul eternally

I had nothing left to lose

I did as she said

Day 14

I awoke

My first day

In her grave

She walked above

I rotted below


A dead soul

Eternally locked


-The Grave-

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