Entry 289: Hunger, Hunger…

Hunger, hunger

I wish to eat

Hunger, hunger

That one looks like it’d make for a delicious treat!

Hunger, hunger

You won’t be a bother for long.

Hunger, hunger

Oh look, there’s two of them!

Hunger, hunger

Watch them walk to school,

Hunger, hunger

Hide among them.

Hunger, Hunger

They’ve returned home

Hunger, hunger

I’m drooling!

Hunger, hunger

Wait for them to go to sleep

Come from the secret place

Skin them alive

Slink away!

Hunger, hunger

The taste of their skin

Is perfect on my tongue.

Hunger, Hunger


Hunger, hunger

You once plagued me so

Hunger, Hunger

Their flesh has me feeling such

…No more…

-Hunger, Hunger-



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