Entry 287: The Monsters Teeth

Here I stand upon the ground

Blades of grass sticking out

Up high above

The single eyed beast stares upon me

This eye sees all

The grass testing, waiting.

In all existence none could see

All along the monster lurking.

It seemed of peace

We seemed the only intelligent life

Some questioned why?

Most, never gaining an answer

Until the day it revealed itself

The reason for our existence

The point of never finding another intelligence was simple

It let us live

All along believing ourselves the only intelligence

In existence.

It waited


Allowing us to learn,

To grow

Upon its body.

We did not see the truth

For how could we

If you told someone the truth

Had you actually known it

No one would believe you.


Calling you mad,

You’d likely wind up locked away

The world forgetting you


Humanity anyways.

There I stare, stuck in place

One eye closing

Darkness growing

The next eye watching high overhead.

The night,

The thing so many fear

Slowly it feeds upon us.

All those years we thought ourselves safe.

Simple souls

Living upon this place.

The monster watched,

Smiling all along

Knowing it’d one day consume us.

You might say


Brought about peace


All the souls that lived a full life were lucky?

The jokes on you…

The monster merely reincarnating your souls

Flavoring you for the inevitable.


All this time

Every time you died

Your memories were locked deep within

Everything you do

Giving a different hint and flavor.

You’ve been a baby many times,

Fallen in love,

Killed before,

Lived all kinds of lives.

The truth is you were merely marinating

As I’ve stated before,

A delicious treat

The Monster savoring the wait

Oh how delicious you’ll all taste

It would think!

I can not look at the moon

Nor the stars

In any way the same as before.

They were mere liars

More teeth

Parts of the beast

Waiting for the next meal


Perhaps you understand my words at present moment?

Perhaps you are extremely confused?

None of that matters for

No God will save you.

The Universe has been here all along

A monster in wait

Soon it will consume all

Soon its appetite will be sated.

It’s folding in on itself

It will all begin & end in the same way

A big bang will rip us to pieces

Our souls consumed

The monster will slumber

Birthing again

A new universe growing the next meal

Letting it simmer for eons


Intelligent life will begin anew

Not likely human.

They’ll never see it happening either

They’ll never know the truth

The previous evidence consumed,

All along the monster will lurk

Waiting to awake again.

Histories, wars, timelines

Creating strife

Flavoring the souls for the inevitable end

The souls upon that new universe

Will never understand

…Their history means nothing…

They are but food

…Living upon…

-The Monsters Teeth-

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