Entry 286: Betsy Smiles

Hey there

Why so sad?

How about you turn that frown

Upside down!

I’ve got just the thing

I think you’ll need

In order to live

Forever happy!

Here you go

Have this toy

It’ll surely make you a happy little boy

While you’re at it

Look at the smile upon my face

See the happy blood soaked tears

Embrace my gaze.

Yes, there you go

Now, let me inside your home.

Unlock the door

Together we’ll go upstairs

Walk into your parents room

Make them smile too

Oh, you’re just gonna LOVE the things we’ll do!

I’ll give you all the toys you could ever want


You’ll help me saw the bodies…


Together we’ll take the body parts

Create a doll,

Reanimate it,



We’ll then all leave

Moving on to the next happy family!

I think this time we’ll take a chainsaw to them!




The next kid will mean you’ll have a friend

I just love kids!



I believe mommy & daddy will make a good stew

Try some

…Do you like it?…


One more house

This one is going to be a special one too!

Then, we’ll go home

The world will never forget you.

What do we do with this family, you ask?

That’s simple kids!

We’ll wake them!

First though,

We need to strap them down

Then we’ll awaken them,

Smile at them too!

Show them, we’re happy clowns!

Then we get our latest friend

To pour gasoline all over them!


We record it,

Smiling all along!

We’ll need one camera for their deaths

Another for the smiles we’ll show


After we leave

The whole world will see

What a great show we’ve created!

*Lights Match & sets family on fire*

They’ll all smile soon enough.

You’ll see.

One day

*Dark laughter*

…They’ll join us…

-Betsy Smiles-

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