Entry 282: The Film

Black & white

Such a beautiful sight

Watch it play

The tragic ends

Day after day.

Come forth

Enter the room

Dare to watch what happens

Within the film room.

A reel

Age unknown

Plays a specific event

Again & again

Adding each time it plays

A new found victim.

So come forth

Watch the black & white film roll

See the sad stories

Of the other souls.

The ones who dared to watch

Some for thrills

Others happened upon the obscure piece


It does not matter

If you close your eyes

So long as you are present when it starts to play

Trapped in the room

You will be.

The sad truth of the matter

As you attempt to close your eyes

Or look away,

In your mind

It will play anyways.

No escape

Nothing you can do

Until finally you are drawn within

The black & white world

Within the film,

Ensuring your doom!

It is at this point

Overwhelming sadness will occur

Your nightmarish reality

Overwhelming you.

There is no hope

The whispers will begin

Things that only you hear

As the film plays silently

Inside the room.

Soon enough you will be like all the rest

Another victim

Another of the dead.

Maybe you will hang?

Maybe you will take a gun to your head?

Maybe you will simply cut yourself to death?

The one thing assured from this place

Is you will take your life

…In some way…

-The Film-

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