Entry 267: We Who Feast

*Heavy Breathing*

There you sit at the edge of your bed

Trying to sleep

Imagination bringing you dread

Wondering what’s that noise you hear?

Calling your Mom

Only for her to find nothing at all

Checking the closets

Under your bed

Still I sit here breathing

Practically tasting your dread

Your Mother won’t see me

Your Dad will have no clue

No one will ever figure out what happened to you!

One morning they’ll come in

You’ll be gone

They’ll call the police

Everyone will get what happened wrong

You’ll be a missing case

Forever unsolved…

*Heavier Breathing*

What was that sound at your window?

Perhaps it was just a tree?

That shadow, surely isn’t me?

The low thumping of your bed

It was nothing

Just the house shifting

The wet feeling you feel on your face

Surely isn’t me salivating


*Extremely Heavy Breathing*

Can you feel it?

I’m breathing on you

The tears in your eyes

Showing the fear welling up in you!

This is it

Now is the time

The moment where all your nightmares

Come alive!

All those tales about how monsters aren’t real

Soon you’ll see…


*Muffled screams*

*Heavier Breathing*



Licking your face

You are already tasting great!

Mmm…I love the taste of helpless suffering!

Such a nice meal for me

Time to whisk you away

Using your own bed sheets!


…They’ll never know your suffering…

They’ll never learn the truth

They’ll never know the identity of

…The ones who ate you…

-We Who Feast-

Entry 266: Grandma’s Pie

My old bones work hard

Retired though I may be

I make the best pies

In all of town,

You see?

My grand kids are so sweet

Always trying out all my new recipes

It’s nice to have that family time

Rare since the advent of technology…

My sweet little dears don’t care

At Grandma’s they have no reason

For technology

They say

Grandma, bake us a pie please

We want some of those tasty treats

These old bones go downstairs

Grab the meat & start to prepare

I tell my little grandchildren to stay out

No interrupting ol’ grandma’s process

If you want the best pie in all of town

You need to put those old bones to work

You need to make them grind

Doesn’t have to be your bones you see?

Simply need some of the sediment for the pies themself

Another great thing to have

A sound proof prepping lab

These pies can scream like you’ve never heard

Saying the most horrid things

“I have a family!”

“I won’t say anything!”



It’s funny to believe the words said

They are pies as far as I’m concerned

You can’t believe they create real speech

No, that’s a trick of the heat

As they cook in the old oven

What’s that sound I hear?

Turning around I see my granddaughter…

Oh dear

What have we here?

She looks a tad shocked!

Oh well…I suppose it would happen eventually

Going back up stairs after prepping one last pie

My grandson says my pies are extra delicious!

He asks where his sister is

I tell him

…She’s feeling a bit sick…

In a few days time, he’ll accept the story of her sudden sickness

Her unfortunate death

If not, he’ll taste quite delicious

Just like his sister

His Mom

& also

…Dear old Dad…

-Grandma’s Pie-

Entry 265: In The Depths

In the depths far down below

I hear you screaming

Each night, deeper I go

Still you continue pleading

Wishing for hope

I cannot give

The lower I go

The colder it gets

The other night I felt ice upon my face

Still, deeper I went

Your screams grew louder

I lost more of a grip


My reality

For the closer I get to your final resting place

The sadder I feel internally

For I was the one

Responsible for your fate

Every night diving deeper into this place

I search for an escape

Tonight I dive even further down

The ice is even colder now

I see you there

I pray for change

Knowing it will change nothing

I push even further still

You cold glassy eyes

Stare me in my face

I think to myself

Surely I’ll die this time

Maybe I’ll gain an even worse fate

Then, just as we are about to meet

I awake

The knowledge in my head

That it’s my fault you’re dead

Last night

I swam again

Into that dark place

The one which sealed your fate

It’s the only place I dream of now

Sadly though…

I’ve started the swim over

You’re always so close

I just wish to say sorry

I didn’t mean to run you off the bridge

Nor did I anticipate

Such regret

This is the way it is

Your dead

Clearly in unending pain

I suffer eternal grief

Maybe one day I can find a way

To make right

My mistakes

Another night is upon me now

As my eyes grow dreary

I prepare another dive

…Deep down…

-In The Depths-