Entry 277: The Queen Of Dreams

Blessing you with happiness

Sometimes wracking you with fear

The world you enter at night is completely dependent upon

What she deems you to see or hear

Wandering through a maze

Tending to a garden

Maybe you win 1st place in a race to the oceans bottom?

Anything is a possibility in the world of dreams

Even being trapped within one


It matters not whether you are good or bad

What you’ve done in life,

Whether you are happy or sad

You are at her whim & mercy.

So pray only that she sees fit to let you come back

No matter your reality

No matter where you live

So long as you live & breathe

Once you close your eyes

In her world you will be.

Not much is known about her

Nor, when she came to be

Some think her a God

Others a mere trickster

Capable of warping realities.

Ultimately however,

Once you close your eyes

In the moment you are gripped by sleep

You are a plaything,

A puppet,

At the mercy of…

-The Queen Of Dreams-

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