Entry 276: TV

We all love

Our big TV

It tells us what to do

It tells us how to be

It tells us everything we need…

The news giving us updates on all the deaths

Our favorite television shows show us

Life is hilarious!

Our favorite channel though is one hidden away

We turn it on when we really want to play

It plays static at first

Or that’s what it wants you to believe


Next thing you know,

You’re killing little Billy!

It told me how to dispose of the neighbors cat

Down the garbage disposal with you

That was the end of that!

My sister Cindy had an issue with her ex

The TV told her to incinerate him!

No more beatings from that prick!

So what else can you learn besides disposal

& the delicate way in which to build a flame thrower to fry your ex?

You can learn how to build a bomb

50 ways to get rid of trash (of the human variety)

You can even learn the best way to decapitate someone with an axe!

So what are you waiting for?

Get your family together!

Spend some quality time

Enjoying the fine things you can only find on…


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