Entry 272: A Monsters View

The sky can be touched

Strange things walk upon it all the time

They do strange things


Staring at weird screens

Thankfully, they can’t see me

I study them

As they go about their days

Worried about, the oddest things

Putting clothes upon their body

Talking on strange devices

Performing strange rituals

Sometimes mating

The people in the sky had a child the other day

It makes strange noises

Keeping them awake

I like to stick close to it

I like to watch it anyways

I think it sees me

It acts like it for sure

Pointing it’s tiny fingers

Smiling at me

The others look towards me

They see not a thing

Tucking the small one in

They go to bed

I stare on

The small one…

Continues to laugh at me

Hours go by

It falls asleep

I stare at it

I’m always watching

I don’t need sleep

The sky people seem to

So it is strange when I hear screaming

There was a loud BANG!

Someone fell

I heard more screaming

Watching the door

Of the sky childs room

I see its mother

Run into the room

She slams the entrance closed

A banging is heard


I see the mother reaching towards her child

Coughing up blood

She is crying

Someone I don’t recognize

Now enters the room

It is covered in cloths

I can’t see its face

It comes towards the little one

Who lets out a scream

The thing points something at it



I eat off its face!


I tear at its flesh!


It agonizes in pain


I devour it


Shh…I tell the little one

You’ll be safe with me

I cradle it in my arms

It slowly falls asleep

I tell it

…I’ll watch over you…

-A Monsters View-

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