Entry 264: The Farm: Lambs To The Slaughter

Stepping through the next door I came to a dark room. Inside I could hear heavy breathing. Scanning around quickly gave me the answers as to why. There were bodies strapped to tables struggling beneath blankets. I pulled one of the blankets off to find a man with no eyes & no tongue just squirming.

I tried to loosen the straps but, as I did a whispering began to resonate through the room. It sounded like a womans voice which said:

Sheep wander into a wolves den
Thus they become prey
Strapping them down
Taking out the eyes & tongue
Soon they’ll be ready
As a sacrifice to Him
Soon they’ll become
-Lambs To Slaughter-


The whispers of the the woman stopped & soon I heard a horrifying sound! The sound of buzzing.

…The sound of a saw…

I struggled harder with the straps but, as I looked down I was taken aback as the man in the straps began suddenly began smiling! There was some sort of twisted, warped laughter that came from all the bodies! They had stopped struggling & though their tongues were taken…

…They still laughed…

A distorted cacophony that mixed in with the sounds of their bodies being sliced in two! I scanned the room again with my flashlight only to realize there were two saws, on a mechanism that moved around the outside at the same pace before finishing with a row & eventually moving inward.

I watched as body after body spewed blood! This mixed with the laughter was horrifying enough but, the amount of blood that flew everywhere made things far worse! I stayed low & waited for the madness to end! I prayed for it to end!

My internal pleas for an end to the madness were temporarily answered as the saws met in the center, at the man I’d uncovered and stopped. Though they had stopped, they had not done so before cutting through the man from end to end & spewing blood all over me in the process!

The sound of a door opening could be heard in the distance. I got up slowly, picking up my flashlight & camera before realizing my battery was low. Checking my pockets I took an extra set out and replaced the batteries in my camera before slowly walking toward a now open door.

It was dark but I could here a gasping from down below. I slowly walked down the stairs, making sure to be careful with every step. Upon reaching the bottom I noticed a woman in a chair. The woman’s wrists were slit & her eyes were missing. It was apparent she’d been dead for a while.

The womans red dress was already stained with blood & on her chest was another poem. Hesitantly I moved in closer and read the poem.

Jane committed a wicked sin
She thought it best to bring all to an end
Slowly digging into her wrists
She let herself bleed
He wasn’t very pleased
So to prevent her from finding her way
To the beautiful pearly gates
He removed her eyes
Leaving her forever blind in the after life
For her sins…
-She Will Never See Again-

What is happening around here?!

I didn’t have long to ponder the question before my flashlight began flickering. I quickly checked my other pocket, where I had some spares & replaced the batteries but, it didn’t help.

The flashlight flickered even more frequently. I looked ahead to see Jane looking at me with a demented smile. Surely my mind is playing tricks on me…right? My light flickered even more violently till it died.

Soon I heard a low laughter and my flashlight came on to show Jane’s chair was empty! My flashlight then died once again.


-The Farm: Lambs To The Slaughter-

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