Entry 263: The Farm: The Girl

I awake to the sounds of laughter echoing from a hall that wasn’t there before. Picking up my flashlight, I scan the room & quickly notice the door from before…the one I came through to get down here…

It doesn’t exist anymore!

I look ahead and notice the hallway stretches quite far. Seeing no other way to go, I slowly walk down the hall. The farther I walk, the narrower it feels like it is getting. Turning around I notice the room I was in is no longer there.

Whispers can be heard through the hall as I continue to press forwards. I hear my name repeated over & over again. I push further ahead and notice the walls which were practically suffocating me prior are beginning to give more leeway & the path was beginning to open more.

Up ahead is a door & as I open it & step forwards, I realize I’m in a house again. I hear the door shut behind me but as I turn around and look, there is no door there anymore. It is a black wall. There is no way back. I hear a low laughter again, up ahead. It sounds almost like a child laughing.

Stepping forwards I notice the doors on the walls of this hallway begin to rattle & soon enough shake violently. The laughter soon turns to the screams of a child, which echoes from the walls, growing louder the further I push ahead. The more I think about it the worse the decision to come here seems.

What happened to the other souls who came here?

Am I to become another of the missing?

Trying to push that out of my mind I walked to the end of the hall to see a mirror. Gazing into it, I see only darkness. The hall, my own reflection, none of it is reflected in the mirror itself. Instead I can hear crying from the other side as the screams of children finally subside.

“Help me…please.”

The voice of a child echoes from the other end of the mirror but, there still is nothing to see within the mirror itself. I put my face closer to the mirror & try to see anything at all. All I see is black & the muffled cries of a child asking for help again.

What is this? I ponder to myself.

It doesn’t take long before I notice something coming from the mirror. It looks like water, dripping from the mirror itself. A hand soon reaches out from the other end of the mirror & two eyes open wide! I see the horror, the want for help but, the realization that no one is coming for the child.

It’s as though they are asking some unseen force, praying for help as they now bang on the mirror from the other side! I take my flashlight and smash it against the mirror! The child continues to struggle to hold their breath as they smash from the other side of the glass!

I give the mirror another huge smack with my flashlight!


I begin banging relentlessly in the vain hope that it’ll shatter & I can save the child on the other side. What feels like hours but, I know, must be seconds goes by as I watch the increasingly desperate banging of the child on the other side of the mirror, begging for help!

Then…to my horror…

They are unable to hold their breath any longer and I watch as bubbles ring out & they fight for any hope! I’m helpless as I continue to bang on the glass! They fight harder until they thrash about and disappear! Suddenly I see their hand one last time, as they and their face smash against the glass mirror!

Their eyes are wide open! The shock of their imminent death is on their face! I back up to the wall and then run as hard as I can at the mirror before launching forwards with all my might!


I feel my body crash into the mirror but, to my shock the world around me has shifted & the mirror pulls me within itself like water! I fly out the other end of the mirror, crashing into a barely lit room with water flooding in behind me! Coughing and standing up, I quickly grab my camera & check it.

Somehow it is completely dry, as is my flashlight, despite I now being soaked! Standing up I scan the room and look to see a single tub in the center of it. The tub is full of water & inside is a girl in a white dress. Turning her over the awful truth becomes obvious.

She is dead!

This is the same girl I saw struggling on the other side of the mirror but, how?!

I take a few photos & also record her for a moment for identification purposes. On the off chance I make it out alive, I want to be able to identify & give closure to any potential grieving family members. Then again, she could be a victim of her own family for all I know.

Looking around some more I find another piece of paper with another poem. The poem reads as follows:

Little Mary prayed to God
Little Mary cried a lot
Nothing said & nothing done
Would ever save Mary from drowning
Death would come for Mary
Drowning would cleanse her soul
Death would take away all her pain
-Such Is His Will-

I took a photo of the poem & then set it back down. Half in shock & half pissed off I looked ahead to see there was only one door ahead. I would have to assume it was the way out.

Then again…

…It could be the beginning of another nightmare…

-The Farm: The Girl-


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