Entry 262: The Farm: Forgiveness

*Blue: Daniel & Emmy plays on the radio*

The place looks dead. I suppose it’s no surprise. They say something terrible happened here. Personally, I’m just here for my footage & in some ways the mystery. The small hope that perhaps, I’ll find the answers to the legends of this place.

Did the original owners kill each other?

Were they influenced by some sort of paranormal entity?

Did they kill themselves?

Why have so many disappeared around here?

What is going on at The Farm?

There are a lot of rumors & plenty of stories about this place. That’s pretty standard for any local legends, I suppose. Black Winter is certainly not short on mysteries or strange happenings but, I wanted the truth…

…As any good investigative journalist would.

My name is Jin Katayama & I’m going to be investigating the mysteries behind The Farm.

The man who agreed to take me up here is the only one I could find willing to do so. I suppose that isn’t an entire surprise. The air around here is cold & there is a dark feel about it. It’s like you’re being watched by something. As we got closer to The Farm, the radio began to grow more static ridden.

The Farm is way out on a massive plot of land. We are talking miles & miles of land owned by one family. The James Family worked generation after generation bringing this place to life & reaping the spoils. Now, the only remaining family member just lets it rot, swearing it is cursed.

They tried selling it but, with all the disappearances, came the legends & with that (as well as with what happened to The James Family itself here) people began to want nothing to do with The Farm.

It died, a once prosperous land, now nothing but a refuge for the missing or soon to be dead & a wealth of mysteries.

“We are here. This is as far as I go. Just beyond that gate, you head straight for another mile & you should arrive at the main home.”

My driver seemed disinterested in going any further & I couldn’t blame him really. I payed him, stepped out of the car with my backpack & gear, soon after watching him drive into the distance.

It was cold, which seemed normal enough for the time of year but, there was something in the air. It was so quiet & as I could see the sun getting ready to set, I thought it a good idea to start walking. I had been given permission by the last James family member alive to do as I wished on the land.

Investigate to my hearts content I believe were her words. She wanted nothing to do with the land. Nothing at all. The only thing she asked was who to notify in the event I went missing. I half laughed at the thought but, then I explained I had no one so she needn’t worry about that.

It took a short bit but, I finally arrived at the home. I’d been given the keys to every place I’d need to look into. I was told if there was a lock I didn’t have a key for, I probably didn’t need to be minding what was behind the door anyways.

Stepping up to the door & unlocking the home I walked in. The moment I walked across the threshold of the door though, I felt myself instantly taken aback by an intense pain in my head & then voices, screams! Seconds later, it was gone & I was fine. Looking around I realized the family home was in as much disrepair as the land itself.

I set up my gear & prepared myself for my first night alone on the land. I’d set up several cameras around various parts of the house and soon took my own hand held camera & a flashlight outside to scan The Farm. There was an old barn, and some empty pastures which is nothing unusual on a farm. There was also an old church on the land where the father, Gregory James used to preach.

The church has since been abandoned due to everyone’s belief that the land is tainted by the Devil or some other stories that are probably non sense. I decided to walk towards the church & as I did I began to hear a low humming. Approaching closer it became more distinct. It was almost like chanting. I couldn’t make out what was being said but, I stopped & filmed the church anyways.

Stepping away from the church, I was met with silence again. Curiosity was beginning to get the best of me as I decided to walk back towards the church.

*Low chanting continues again*

There it was. I couldn’t make out what was being said but, there was definitely some sort of chanting that grew louder as I stepped closer to the church. I was intrigued & partially afraid as I stepped closer. The chanting was growing louder & more intense as I stepped forwards. I began to feel a darkness in the air, I couldn’t explain.

My first thought was that someone was messing with me but, as I walked closer, I felt myself more compelled forwards, almost as though I wasn’t consciously walking but, being led by the sound of the chants on a sub conscious level.

Before I knew it, I was standing at the edge of the church doors. I could hear a faint sobbing as I reached for the door with my left hand. Touching the door I felt an dread for which I couldn’t explain. I listened to the other side of the door & clearly heard a sobbing beneath the chants that become very loud at this point.

The chants were in a completely strange language I’d never heard. I began to feel a low compulsion inside my head…almost like a sleep coming over my mind.


The sound of a womans screams rang out and shocked me out of my trance! I ripped open the doors to the church & saw nothing! The chants were gone but, there was a sound in the back. The shadows had taken over the church which was quite dark as the sun had set.

Looking around I heard an almost swaying sound as I slowly moved forwards. At the back, near the altar, I found the source of the swaying. Hanging from a rope, in the rafters of the church, was a woman’s body. Scanning her, I saw she was bleeding! It looked as though the blood…

…It was fresh?…

Looking closer, I realized she was cut open from the chest down to her bottom. There was a cold lifelessness to this woman. You could sense the torment and despair of her death & yet, in the moment, her face simply showed emptiness.

A low laughter rang out behind me & I turned to see if someone was there. Nothing visible was there. Turning back the woman’s body was gone. There was no noose, there was nothing.

There was definitely a woman there…right?

In my studies, there was never a record of occult activity or any form of cult. The church here was well respected until the tragic death of the family that lived on the land itself. None of it made sense but, I suppose that is why this place is such a mystery.

*Baby crying*

I shot my flashlight upwards as I heard the sound of a babies sobs. Looking around I saw a door to the left, and another to the far right of the building. Opening the left door, I saw stairs leading up.

I figured I should check this first as I could clearly hear a baby crying upstairs. Upstairs I followed the sounds of the crying to the corner of the attic. A blood soaked baby blanket lay in a crib, the sounds of crying now ceased.

The blood looked fresh but, there was no baby anymore. I looked around the rest of the attic & listened. I heard nothing but the creaking sound of the wood beneath my feet & the sounds of the old church settling. Dust covered almost everything in here. As I scanned the almost empty attic I suddenly heard singing below me.

Quickly, I rushed downstairs only to realize the singing was getting louder but, it was still beneath me. I scanned around to where the noise was loudest. Looking down I noticed a door & a lock. This wasn’t here before, I thought to myself. I searched through my keys & tried them all on the lock.


I decided to see if I could break the lock but, upon pulling out some cutters I realized it was too big of a lock for me to break off.


I turned around to see the door to the far right was partially opened now. I went inside to find it was the pastors office. On the desk was a piece of paper with a poem written on it. It read as follows:

Jesus loves me
This I know
For he tells me so
Every night as I try to sleep
I can still hear him whispering to me
I hear him say repent for my sins
I hear him tell me to kill them
Jesus speaks of love
He speaks of forgiveness
He says if one seeks forgiveness
They can find such only through pain
He told me to seek forgiveness
To be forgiven
I need only do one thing…

To my shock, I could hear a man whispering these things! At the end of the poem, a loud BANG rang out! I jumped back, nearly falling out the window behind me! Once I regained my composure I looked back at the desk to see a key.

On the key chain was the word:


I slowly reached for the key & picked it up. As I did I heard a shifting downstairs & the singing stopped echoing from below. I headed towards the door in the floor of the sanctuary & hesitantly tried the key on the lock.


The lock fell off and landed with a heavy boom on the floorboards. I pulled off the chains around the door & as I opened the door I heard a low laughter. I wanted to stop, out of fear. Every bit of me sensed this was a potentially horrible idea but, as I stepped onto the stairs, I felt myself compelled to know what was happening here.

The stairs creaked as I headed down. It was so dark that my flashlight only lit each step as I headed down. The sound of a clock began ticking. I couldn’t tell if there was actually a clock or the sound was inside my mind. It had a pervasive feel to it…like it was inside my mind & spreading over my body…possibly even into my soul.

Every step taken the ticking, as well as the back and forth of a pendulum grew louder. There was the sound of voices as I forced myself to press forwards. Eventually I made it to the bottom & upon scanning the area noticed bloody chains hanging from the ceiling above.

A television set turned on. At first it was static but as I got closer a tape began playing. In the background children were singing the poem I’d read from upstairs, over & over again.

…On the tape itself was a man delivering babies before cutting them open & chopping them to pieces…

The women on the tape sat in a circle & smiled as he did this.

…All the while…

…That poem was sung by children in the back ground…

I felt myself growing sick as the singing grew louder. How could mothers let this happen to their babies?!


I felt dizzy as the tape began to show the women eat their babies! More nauseous as they laughed & sang of forgiveness, thanking the man who killed & cooked the newborn children!

A chill ran through me as the camera panned in on one of the mothers.

“You will know his love soon too, Jin!”

How did she know I was here…HOW DID SHE KNOW MY NAME?!

Overcome by a nauseating smell in the air

…Everything went black…

-The Farm: Forgiveness-

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