Entry 261: The Ocean Of Souls: Isla’s Light

I see its light

Far off & away

I seek its light

Praying my pain away

I just want my dear wife

I wish to see my sweet child

The light is brighter as I continue on my way

It revolves

That’s what light houses do

My love & my baby

I’m coming for you

It won’t be long now

I assure you of that

Soon enough

We’ll be together again

The beam of light hits my ship again

I can faintly hear the echoes & cheers coming


That beautiful sound

Won’t be long till we make it to the harbor

I’ll see them again

The agony of my long trip

My aching love for them

No longer a pain

In my old soul

I’ll spend my beautiful time with them

I’ve got the ultimate haul

I can finally retire

Never again will I ever have to leave

My hearts desires

Yes, we made the best haul anyone will ever see

We found it

A treasure deep within these black waters

The light is getting closer now

I can feel the tears welling within my eyes

I’ll be there soon you two

…I promise…


Oh sweet Father

I write this letter to you now

I’ve spent the last 19 years

Visiting the harbor

I always look for your ship

Sometimes at night

I swear I see it in the distance…

Mother died of heart break

5 years ago

Hopefully you are with her now

I still hold out hope

You could be out there for sure

I love you Father

I’ll keep praying for you now


The light house

Shrouded in fog

It’s getting brighter

As is my hope!






Dearest Father

The other night I sat in the lighthouse

The keeper let me

We watched the waters together

We prayed a prayer for the lost

I silently prayed a prayer for you

I wish I could see you again…

I know it isn’t likely

I’ll always hold out hope

Still, it’s been 20 years now

Since your disappearance

I won’t lie

Part of me knows the cold truth

You’re another lost captain

Out in those waters

Still, another part of me says

You might be okay…

That part is like the light house

Shining the light of my heart

Like a beacon of hope

I’ve learned so much

I’ve come so far

In the end

I know you’d be proud

Of the woman I’m becoming

Of who I am now


I can see the coast now

My dear sweet wife & daughter

The strangest thing is happening though

I hear cheers

Yet, I can’t quite see anyone there

Perhaps it’s the fog

Or maybe just exhaustion

I’m sure you’re there

I mean, I hear the rest of the town

The light has guided us

It won’t be long now


Dearest Father,

I’m writing to let you know

I’ve met a man

A truly sweet soul

It’s been 30 years since you’ve been missing

We’re going to get married

Hopefully someday have kids

You’d be proud of him

He’s a sea captain

Just like you

I miss him

When he has to go

I pray now for his soul also,

Still, when he comes into harbor

There’s no greater feeling

Kind of like when you would return



My wife & Daughter

I’m beginning to grow scared

The light house

…Its light…

It is fading

It did this once before

I can’t quite say how long ago

It seems now though

The final light within


…Beginning to flicker…

We aren’t quite in harbor

It’s getting hard to see

I’m hoping we won’t crash

I certainly don’t wish to become a victim

Of these seas

The cheers are growing fainter

I’m not entirely sure how

I’ve got to get outside my own head

I’m sure I’ll be seeing you soon now


Dearest Father,

We still await at harbor

I just want you to know you aren’t forgotten


I’ve accepted it now

You are one with the sea you loved so much

I miss you here

The town has turned you into a sea faring legend of sorts

Your memory will live on


The mystery of your disappearance

Is something that will never be solved

You & your crew

Simply vanishing

Still, I wish to write you anyways

I want to let you know

I’m finally ready to let go

The pain in my heart

I need to move on

So I’ve chosen to do just that

This will be my final letter to you Father

I write it as I wait with your grand daughter 

At the harbor

We wait for my husband

We can see him coming closer

I just want you to know

You’re never forgotten




My wife & daughter

I don’t understand!

I wish I knew how to explain

The light house light

It died off

We can’t see anything now!

There’s a faint red that lights up on the horizon

A low, disturbingly loud growling rings out!

We turned on our searchlight

Trying to see ahead

The strangest thing happened

We only see black waters!

It’s the sea again

No sign of a light house or shore

We did however

Happen upon a chest

I think we’ll open it

I’m looking at it now

It appears to be a box of letters

Opening the first one

The hand writing

…It’s quite familiar…

Dearest Father

It was with those words

Realization set in


I wonder

…Can you feel your Father’s soul…


-The Ocean Of Souls: Isla’s Light-

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