Entry 259: This Is Only The Beginning

They wanted to be found

There was nothing we could do

Perhaps, never doing the deed

But, we already had

Living it up in the hotel room one night

I, a family man

My friends a criminal past

First came a knocking at the door

Then a laugh

The next thing I knew

I had a gun in my hand

A pull of the trigger

A choice that haunts me to this day

I shot a man dead

For what reason?

I don’t believe I can blame it on drink

The strangest thing was I didn’t feel bad at all

There wasn’t a rush like I’d expected

It was strange

I’d made a choice

Almost on a whim

I’d shot a man

Someone I never knew

For seemingly no reason

Other than I was asked to

We drug the body in

Cleaned up outside blood

Wrapped it in a sheet and blanket

Rolling the body out the window

A buddy of mine had made a call

Someone was already waiting

Finishing the preperations

Soon enough

They were gone

Yes, long gone

Into the bottom of the ocean

They’d never be a problem again

I thought

No reason to feel guilty

A strange feeling occurred to me

A man of religion

The question took right then

Would I be granted entry to Heaven

Upon death?

Could I possibly be given forgiveness for my sins

Regardless of whether this dark secret

Was ever uncovered?

I went on with my night

Watching the beach

Then the strangest thing happened

It was as though reality blinked

Suddenly, amidst the other tourists

There you were

Your blood soaked body bag

Somehow pushed back on the beach

From the ocean!

Had the weights fallen off?

It seemed so

I calmly picked you up and redressed you

Your hands, your feet


They were starting to show!

I was getting odd looks

My friends saw this

We all created a silly distraction

No one had come close enough to see the truth

A body was what I held

Scurrying away

I took a swim

Laughing all the way

Eventually I buried you again

I made sure this time would be the last

I’d never see or hear from you again

A little of the blood had leaked onto the sand

I covered it up

Ironically saying a silent prayer

Before moving on again

We had some more drinks

Went on with our lives

A few days later we saw the sack again



A child poked the back

Ran to his mother

We hopped out of the window

Scurrying to recover you

The strangest thing happened

I picked up the sack

You were far more decomposed

In fact you were almost non existent

Your blood however…

It looked quite fresh

I scurried to the other room

With your bloody sack

Blood had leaked but, my friends cleaned what they could

We were lucky once again

As though the guests were suspicious

No one seemed to have realized what was actually going on

The kid didn’t realize, there was a body

Or at least most of it’s blood within

It was Halloween weekend though

So perhaps he thought it a prop.

A few days went by

The heat was low

We made our move

Borrowing a car for taking tours

We drove passengers all day

Waiting for the right moment to get away

Eventually we found one

Burying your remains quite far away

In a place no one would look

A forest no one would find you

I finally believed once & for all

We were done with you


To my shock & dismay

Upon returning to the beach

Planning to grab another drink

Suddenly there was your sack

Bloody as can be

Your body parts

Somehow rematerializing

All the police number tabs

You usually see

At a crime scene

All the blood we cleaned

Suddenly had come back again

I kept walking

Having not been stopped just yet

However, as I approached my room

My friends soon followed

One even offered to take the fall

Keep me free

In the end I ultimately decided

It’d make no difference if he did

The blood was on my hands

I’d never escape that reality

So it was, when the police had come

I’d decided to take the blame

For all the crimes that had happened

The other two had no clue I said

I fabricated a story

To help them out of things

I ultimately payed

A life sentence

Something I suspect wouldn’t have happened

If it weren’t for your influence

No doubt still torturing me from the grave

Until today…

The day I lay on my death bed

I hope you know that crime never pays well

As I breath my last breaths I hear your voice


-This Is Only The Beginning-

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