Entry 258: The Ocean Of Souls: They Beckon

Deep in the depths

Far below

Lurks an insanity

That will grip your soul


The souls of the drowned dead

Speak of suffering

Whispers come to the ears

Of those who sail the waters

Sometimes coercing them in

Or gripping them as they dive for treasure

A diver once dove into The Ocean Of Souls

Never coming out again

On the comms all that was heard was laughter

The man speaking happily

Of a love long lost

The family he once had

Their voices echoed deep from within the depths

Though it couldn’t possibly have been them

The diver took off his gear

Then the comm feed went dead

Never was the diver heard from

Or seen


A sea captain once swore

He heard the call of his dead kid

Even swearing he’d seen angels dancing

On the black waters of the ocean

No way he said…

That isn’t right

I’ll not be falling for the tricks of this place

No doubt those angels I see

Are devils in wait

I’ve heard too many things

I’ve seen so much myself

I didn’t survive this long

Just to be tricked into death

No sir, not me

You can’t trust this ocean

A week later he went out

Late at night there was a great scream

Something completely inhuman!

The skies turned red

The very human screams of torment

Echoed like thunder

Right behind this!

The captain

As well as

His ship

Were never heard from again

Many believe whatever happened on the waters that night

Is likely the reason for his disappearance

The Ocean Of Souls is home

To an infinite number of mysteries & legends


In fact

It is said

Something lurks deep within

Supposedly the size of 15 oceans!

That is a tale for another time

I must go

Should I return from my next venture out

I’ll have more tales to tell ya!

Cpt. Ryker never lies!

I’ve been around a time or two

Till next time

Be careful out on those waters

May your God be with you!

-The Ocean Of Souls: They Beckon-

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