Entry 257: Mr. Joy

He smiles when he sees you

Most of all when you’re alone

He likes it when you’re sleeping

He loves it when you’re home

A place as familiar to him

As it is to you

Away from the prying eyes

As he ogles you

You’ll never see him

Even when he stands over your bed

Often while you’re sleeping

He examines you

His eyes on your skin

Very much like glue

Smiling, he slowly takes from you

For it isn’t the carnal he wants

…At least  not yet…

Even though he thinks you pretty

It’s the soul he wants

As he slowly drains it from you


He knows he’ll have his fun

Long after you are his

Eyeing you

Lusting for you


You’ll soon be his

Male or female

It matters not

He only cares that your soul is his


You’ll hear his laughter

As you sleep

If you do, it’s likely too late for you

He’ll snicker

He’ll smile

He’ll watch you for a while

You’ll never see him there

Even as he’s breathing on you

Sometimes tugging at your sheets

Feeling you as he feeds

All in preparation of finally having you

Your soul, his, entirely

As you are drained

Night after night

You’ll start to feel tired

Even in your waking life

This fatigue will go unexplained

No medical examination can help you understand

You’re dying

In the truest sense


Your soul will be his

Once dead he’ll move on to his next victim

Your cause of death will seem natural enough

Too much stress

Or something similar

He’ll have you

You’ll finally see him

The terror filled dread

Will overtake you

His smile is something that will scare

Even the most hardened of souls

He’ll stalk his next victim

Feed on them too

When he isn’t doing that though

He’ll be tending to you

All his victims have a special place

Deep within his abode

He tortures them

Sexually destroys them

Whatever he feels at the time

So beware

If you ever feel that stare late at night

Leave your home

Buy yourself a little time

Find a way to exorcise him before it’s too late

Hide in a church

If you’re lucky

You’ll be somewhat safe

Though don’t count on it being permanently


You exorcise this demon while you still have a chance

Your soul will be his


A wicked smile

A happy laugh

Extreme fatigue

If you sense or feel these things

…It’s too late…

…He already has you…

-Mr Joy-

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