Entry 255: The Forest

Out for my nightly run

Then a hunt

Most nights I get something

Some I don’t

If I miss something

It’ll be okay

I’ll live on meat I’ve preserved from other days

The Forest always provides

Despite the fact I’m trapped in this hell

It never lets me starve

Always providing me a chance to kill

I’ve tried looking for a way out

I never find one in truth

Sometimes I think I see the flicker of a light

An exit feels within sight

I rush to it

Only to find

I’m still trapped within these confines

The Forest knows what I think

I know it is alive

It lives & breathes

It feeds on me

The first night I awoke here

I searched & searched for a way out

Only to be left with disappointment

I don’t remember much from before

I know I was in accident

Near Oregon

Then I awoke in this place

Finding in time

There was no escape

I found a journal in the main room

Of the cabin I’m living in

It speaks of unthinkable things

The Forest has rules

Rule 1: Killing is the only way to eat

Rule 2: Never answer the door

Rule 3: You will never leave

Rule 4: It hears everything

There are an endless number of entries about this place

What I’ve gleamed is it is a living thing

The Forest cannot die

There’s an entry about how someone tried to burn it down

On the brink of insanity

A soul pleading for escape

Figured they’d burn down the place

They died.

In what looked to be their blood

It was written:

The Forest always survives

Sometimes at night

I hear a rapping at the door

I hear the voice of the woman

The one who tried to burn everything before

She cries & sobs

Begs to be let in

Screams of the tortures she experiences

In The Forest within

After death, you remain

Tortured eternally

That’s what I took from the things she cries

I suppose you are dead, regardless

I’ve heard others words before

The torments they experience

I NEVER…answer the door.

They know I’m here though

I’ve heard them say my name

Some nights, they speak horrible things

These things are bad


I’m no better than The Forest, am I?

In order to survive

I kill the innocent people

The Forest provides

I skin them

I cook them

Some parts I freeze

I must be sure

I can always eat!

It may be that I simply wish to survive


It is a choice I make

So, every time I have to kill

I apologize to the soul I must murder

I say a prayer for their soul

Though, I know, they always remain here

It helps my conscience in a way

Helps be get through another night

…I guess…

One night…

Someone will get the jump on me

Kill me too


I’ll be tortured endlessly!

There’ll be an entry in that journal…

One about me someday

I’ll be the one rapping on the door at night

Tormented in this place


-The Forest-

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