Entry 253: The Day It Rained Blood

Were you there that day?

The day it rained blood?

Perhaps you were

If so

…You might already be buried…

So many bodies

*Devilish Grin*

So many to put to rest

So many souls collected for it

I must continue

…Burying them…

It was such a beautiful thing

Quite the amazing sight

It was all worth the prep in the end.

I did what they said

Now the others who doubted

Are dead

I relished all their screams

…They meant the world to me…

*Eyes wide & unhinged smiling*

I’ll tell you all about what I did

Leading up to it…

It all started for me

On October twenty

14 Days till the rain…

I’d been digging for a while

Late after school

I’d come home & dig

It’s pretty much all I’d do

I had to get everything ready

For the day,

The day it rained blood

*Hollow grin*

They weren’t ready

They never believed

I’d told them


Yes, they’d see

The day it rained blood

They would wish,

They had listened to me!

13 Days till the rain…

I haven’t slept

I must keep digging the graves


Yes, must prepare for it

Tomorrow I’ll stay home

Prepare things…

Tonight I’ll do the right thing

I’ll kill them…

Mother will have to be disembowled

Yes, a knife

It must be slow

That’s what I was told

Father, I must bleed him out

Such is what I was told about

Little brother

I will bury in the back

Keeping his head out of the ground

I’ll cover him in honey

Then, I’ll wait…

I must watch him till he’s dead

Listen to his screams

I’ll record it

Sister will be tied up

I’ll save her for last

She is special like that

I’ll brush her hair

Smiling as I do

I’ll relish the terror on her face

As she ponders what I’m about to do

Slowly brushing

Slower still

I’ll whisper to her

All the pretty little details

The things I’ve done

I’ll show her the footage

Of little brother

I must remind her we live far away

No one will know what is happening

The fear will grasp her

I’ll make her some tea

Calm her down a bit

Before I get to the sawing

I must lay her out

Cut her into 6 parts

She’ll be alive through much of it

Then, I’ll bury her around town

She’ll never be found

12 Days till the rain…

Last night was great

Everything went perfectly

I still remember the look of shock

On each one of their faces

They wouldn’t listen

They were bound to become the dying…

After all,

I must prepare for the rain


I continue to dig the other graves

The instructions are specific

There is nothing anyone can do

I must follow the voices

I must do what I must do

I called my Aunt today

I need ash for the next part of things

When she arrives

I’ll beat her over the head


Off to the furnace

I’ll wait till she wakes up

It’s not required


I really want to see the look on her face

When I start up the fire

11 Days till the rain…

It went, BEAUTIFULLY!!!!!

Her face…oh THE RUSH!

She couldn’t believe what I was doing!


Today, I dig more graves

I must be ready

For when the rain comes

I’ll put the ash around town

Marking certain places

Letting it know

Then, more digging

No time for rest


I must be ready

10 Days till the rain…

I’ve invited my best friend over

She needs to know how I feel

I mean, she’s always kind of had a thing for me

I’ll give her what she wants

Two ladies, having all sorts of fun!

She’s likely going to tell me she loves me

I can’t wait!

I think when she does

*Eyes widen with sick glee*

That’s when I’ll do it

That’s when…

I’ll take the axe to her!

Once she’s chopped into tiny bits

I’ll cook her up

After some further cutting

Then she’ll be dinner

Followed by,

More digging!

9 Days till the rain…

I have enough meat

To eat till it is time

I’ve saved much of it

She told me she loved me

I told her I had a gift

Close her eyes

Then I told her open them

I looked her in the eyes

As the axe came down on her

She was so surprised!

Today I bathed in my Father’s blood

That’s what was called for

Now I’ve been told to get some sleep

That’s something I wasn’t expecting

8 Days till the rain…

I slept well last night

I dreamed of the dead

I smiled at them

Today I must dig more holes

Then off to hunt some vagrants down

I need some souls who won’t be looked for

Emily’s mom called me

Asking if she was alright

I told her she’s fine

She’s going to be staying another night

…I suppose she’s going to have to be dealt with…

7 Days till the rain…

I found a vagrant couple

Took them in

Fed them some of Emily

They seemed to like her

I poisoned their portions

Waited for them to fall ill

Then as they died

I watched them

Once dead

I skinned them

Buried them away

I’ll save the skin for the altar

Emily’s mother will be by tonight

I’ve got something special planned for her


…More digging…

6 Days till the rain…

It went according to plan

Emily’s mom wanted to know when she’d be joining us

I told her

She’s already here

She’s a part of us

It took her a second

Then things finally clicked!

She was mortified

Disgusted even

First she felt the rage

You could tell she wanted to kill me

Too bad for her

I gave her something

That made her a paralytic


When she woke up

I offered her a choice

A slow death


She could end it

It took a bit of coaxing

Eventually though

She realized, there was no escape

I tormented her with the sounds of her daughters death

I’d been recording things

Again and again she heard what transpired

Eventually it was too much

The constant reminders of how she’d lost her only daughter

The way I made her eat her too

It was much too much for Emily’s mother dearest

So it was she ended her own life with a gag

The choking of her last breaths


I skinned her,

Added her to the altar

Now I dig some more

5 Days till the rain…

Today was quiet

Much like the day before it

Nothing but digging

I’ve almost prepared for it

4 Days till the rain…

I haven’t slept in a bit

I finished the holes

No more digging

I had to go out

Kidnap & kill a few more of the forgotten

I finally have enough skin

I’ve completed the altar

The voices tell me to get some rest

I think I smell the first hint of what’s coming

3 Days till the rain…

Today I fast

Meditate a bit

Chant prayers of thanks to it.

2 Days till the rain…

A day of silence

I’ve not spoken

I’m told to sleep now

I can smell the it coming

1 Day till the rain…

Today I went to school

I stood there & stared

They tried to move me

It wouldn’t let them

I just stared & smiled

Nothing more

I can smell blood in the air…

They’ll all be dead soon

The rain is coming

-The Day It Rained Blood-








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