Entry 252: I Only Have Eyes For You

Out of bed

Into the shower

Off to eat

Out the door

The same routine

Every day

5 o’ clock, back home

Different show

Depending on the night

Then dinner

Followed by scrubbing the teeth

Off to bed…

Next day,

Starting all over again

Married to work

No one to call home

All alone…

It’s been the same since buying a home

Same routine

A boring existence

Today though

It all changes

A knock at the door

Flowers from a mysterious stranger?


A bit confused

Some life now within you

Every morning

A new card

Your secret admirer

Join me?

Time goes on

Things begin to change

Your routine

Is no longer the same

Your new john

Has become your friend

Time passes

Things get


Days, weeks, months go on

Could this be the one?

You ask yourself this

Quite a lot

Pondering such sweet

Romantic, thoughts

Tonight though

Things change

Instead you find a note on the door

Waiting for you…


You open the door

Follow the chocolate & rose petals

They’re your favorite

…After all…

On the table sits

A lovely candlelit feast

The aroma,


You speak the name

Of your one true love


What game he’s played

Such a thoughtful soul



He’ll propose to you tonight?

Opening the bedroom door

Your surprise awaits

Shame you’d taken a bite already

Even more so for you upon learning the truth

There is your object of affection

Heart pinned to the wall

Body hanging from a meat hook

Inside your home

I suppose this is quite new to you

You should know

I’m coming for you soon

My dearly beloved…

-I Only Have Eyes For You-

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