Entry 251: It’s Time For A Late Night Drive

You are an angel

A true testament of beauty

I see you there

Replaying in my head

Time & again

I saw you there that night

I’ve seen you every night since

You look so beautiful

The way the rain poured down your face

The last moment when we met

I’m sorry I drove so fast

I wish I hadn’t

Now you replay in my memory


Night after night

I see you in my dreams

Reliving a single moment

A moment that brings about suffering

You see,

As beautiful as you are

I wish we’d have met differently

I wish it’d been in person

Your perfect red hair

The way your pale skin glowed in the headlights

Yes, you are a moment that replays

Frozen in memory

I see that beautiful face

That yellow dress

I see these moments

Just before your death

I was a good soul

I’d never harmed anyone in my life

Till we met

On that fated night

If I’d have been driving slower

Perhaps you’d be here today

Then again…

We probably never would’ve met

If that were the case

I’m conflicted you see

Because I feel the pain of your death

Yet, the delight of my awakening

I’m a different man today

Perhaps, this is who I’ve always been


Strange it is how a stranger can affect our minds

You & I meeting

Just once

Has completely changed my life

I am sorry for your death

I truly am

Yet, they never found out I did it

So now,

Every time it rains

I feel you calling me

I take my car

Leaving in search of you again

You’ve guided me well

Still, never have I found

Anyone as beautiful as you were that night

I’ve run soul after soul down

Through reasons unknown

The evidence of my evil is never found

Just another memory

I cherish them all still


No one compares

To you my sweet

No one has a face so beautiful

I’m always chasing you

I bet I always will

Do you hear that?

I hear the rain begin to fall

The thunder a sign of your call

I see your memory in my mind

-It’s Time For A Late Night Drive-

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