Entry 250: These Walls Speak Many Things

I’ve been working on this place

For 100’s of years

I like to think of it as the perfect host

I built this place from scratch

I constantly add to it

Always building, never stoping

For a place like this will never be complete

It will expand eternally

There’s never enough done

When I add a room

I’m told,

Build another

I don’t mind this

I always comply

I need to keep this place alive

It must thrive

Outshining all the rest

Yet still kept, a tightly guarded secret…

I built it in the middle of nowhere

I warped it into a special place

Hiding within one of Black Winters

Many realities

It can grow forever more

Always consuming

It’s a beautiful place indeed

Quite often, people are fond of the way it’s painted

How did it get that red hue?

All the visitor’s ask

I always say,

Allow me to show you

Then I lead them into a room

I call it

The workshop

I show them things beyond their darkest thoughts

This house helps me steal their souls

Sometimes a saw does the trick

Other times I plaster or cement them alive,

Making statues of them

All of them must die

None can ever escape

I don’t want this beautiful secret

Told to everyone

So, every now and again

I lure people in

Sending out mental invitations

When the time comes for new renovations…

Someone always comes

Or is lead here

Drawn in by that beautiful splendor

The paths that lead each soul here

Are infinitely different

As they come from other realities

Yes, these walls say many things

At least while those buried within them

…Are still living…

So, if ever you happen upon a red house

In a dark place

Within a dream,

Or you happen upon it

Within waking reality

Come on in

See the beauty within

Listen to a bit of its history

Become a part of the place


-These Walls Speak Many Things-

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