Entry 249: Are You Alone?

When you’re in the shower

While you sleep

Perhaps while you study?

When you’re all alone

When no one is around

When there is no sound

Ask yourself

…Are you alone?…

Perhaps it’s late at night

Or maybe

2 in the morning…


Pay attention to your surroundings

Ask yourself

If you don’t hear or see anyone

…Are you alone?…

Have you looked around as you read this

Was there an odd knock on your door?

Are you feeling uneasy?

…Are you alone?…

As you read this

What do you feel?

Listen closely,

Can you hear breathing?

Perhaps, that was just the wind?

At any rate…

Did you make sure to lock everything,

When you came home?

Did you check your closets

Even the tiniest nooks and crannies?

Has something been moved?

Is something missing?

…Are you alone?…

Last week someone like you

Swore they’d done everything you’re reading

They’d locked the doors

They’d checked the windows

Everything was quiet

Not even a sound

They asked themselves

…Am I alone?…

They weren’t the first,

They won’t be the last…

They were reading this,

…Just like you…

When they were showering

They didn’t see him

They were alone


When they were sleeping

They didn’t hear his breathing

As he stood over them

Studying the next night

They thought they were alright

They were alone

In their mind

If you tell yourself you’re alone

You are…


If you’re alone

No one ever hears your screams

Late in the night

…Are you alone?…

Would anyone know if you disappeared?

Did you double check the charge on your phone?

Would 911 get to you in time

If he knocked on your door

Late at night?

It’s okay though…


You are alone,


You have nothing to fear

Just like everyone else who’s read this before

None of them saw him

None of them heard him

None of them felt him

As he watched them

None of them knew,

Anything was wrong

This is just as silly thing they read

They were alone…


You, staring at your screen reading this right now

-Are You Alone?-

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