Entry 247: Your Dearest Maggie

I hear you

Through the foggy snow

I feel your warmth

In spite of the biting cold

It feels as though it was yesterday

Since you disappeared

In truth it’s been about 20 years

I’m alone out here

Always searching for you

Always praying I’ll wake up

You’ll be by my side

Hoping, tonight is the night, I find you

I have the same dream

Night after night

I’m searching in this cold place

You are there

I can feel it!

I’m sure, I heard your voice

I’ve taken to taping records of my dreams

Upon waking

I’ve begun to notice

I’m making progress

In some way…

You’re missing from my life

All the dreams appear the same

Still, each night,

I awake,

Suspecting not all is the same

I hear you cry Maggie

I hear you calling my name

I couldn’t see you initially

Though, little by little

I feel I’m getting closer

I’m sure of it

So, as I sit here

In a dream like trance

I’m quite sure I’ve found you now

At least I will for sure

So, I’m leaving a letter with my thoughts

Should someone be reading this

I’m no doubt gone

In the last dream

I saw a place

A black house

Far away

I’d never seen it anytime prior

Then I saw you John

I saw you standing there

In the window

Staring at me

I can’t make out what you’re shouting

Why you are pointing my way

I looked behind me

I saw nothing

So I’ve come closer still


I imagine I’ll enter this place

The spot for which you’ve surely vanished

It’s funny

I can’t help but feel

You haven’t aged a bit

In 20 years…

I’m sure we will be together soon

I love you…

-Your Dearest Maggie-

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