Entry 236: The School

Many years ago

A fire burned

Many children burned with it

The fire was so bright

Death itself was unable to claim the souls…

Eventually the fire subsided


There was already something deep inside…

At this school

The souls of many children were sent to an early grave

Though that wasn’t the worst part of their fate

The worst part was what awaited them next

Eternally lost within the ash

Most were trapped in the basement level

It was here they were burned alive

Screaming, PLEADING for their pain to end…

Sadly, the fire consumed them

The fire was no ordinary one at that

The report reading it was an accident

An electrical fire started in the basement level of the school…

The souls in class given no chance of escape

The fire was actually started by something else entirely…

You see, the souls claimed didn’t just burn

They burned slowly…

Once the fire died down

It claimed them as its own…

Sometimes people claim

To see a specter roaming

Staring out the windows as they pass

Bringing terror upon any unlucky enough to see it

Many have claimed to see the thing

Only to die or vanish soon after…

Some say you can still hear the children’s cries of pain

Their unending misery…

Any who enter that school

Wishing to help

Perhaps hearing the screams of the children’s ghosts

…Are never seen again…

The school is of course, abandoned now

The citizens of Black Winter wished to tear it down

Sadly, that would not be the case

Any who attempted to destroy the burned out building

Never got the chance…

All dying in mysterious ways

First the mayor made a plan

To end the school


He never made it home that night

What happened to him?

No one knows…

He’s obviously not the first mayor to die

Under circumstances that didn’t seem quite right

The construction crew set to demolish the building the next day

All died in their sleep mysteriously…

The town finally agreed instead

To leave the building where it stood

A warning sign placed outside the school

Quickly caught fire…

At which point all vowed

Never to go near this place

For something twisted dwells within

Something malicious claimed the children’s lives

All 277 that were inside

It took hold of their souls

Tormenting them & keeping them for itself…

If you wander the streets at night

If you hear the children’s screams

Do not answer their pleas

For if you do

You’ll soon be claimed

By the mysterious entity

That dwells inside…

-The School-




Entry 235: The Demon Of The Lake

If in dreams you awake

To a cold barren place

At its center a lake

Be warned

The one who dwells there

Wants to keep you forever more

She will appear to you as your greatest desire

Someone seemingly impossible to resist

She corrupts almost everyone…

The more pure the soul

The more she’ll want you

She gets lonely at the lake

The one she was drowned in

Lifetimes ago

They called her a demon

She is now

Lurking within the dreams of those

Who live within other realities

Often appearing to them, in this place

Though occasionally she’ll lure them there

From other dreams they may be having

If you are unable to resist her wiles

She’ll eventually lure you in

Her body will seem perfect

For it will be whatever you desire most

It is then she’ll pull you in

Likely make love to you


She’ll drown you

Steal your soul

Continue her hunt anew

Always looking for a new suitor

For which to steal the soul

Claiming to be, all alone…

-The Demon Of The Lake-

Entry 234: The Perfect Smile

I think I finally found it

I’ve been searching all this time

Ironically, it was found

In a cold, dark place

Somewhere it shouldn’t have been

Imagine my surprise

As we met in that place,

In the basement of a diner

You stood there covered in blood


You’d just finished carving the flesh off my face

I’d should say, I never imagined it ending this way…


There you were…


So it was that day

I took the photo

Just before you finished murdering me…

I finally captured it…

In all your angst

In all your dark, twisted madness

There was the perfect thing of beauty

I captured…

-The Perfect Smile-


Entry 233: It Burns Eternally

There is a house that always burns

The souls within it…


A punishment by the town

For crimes against them…

They said a witch & her coven reside there

They cursed Black Winter

Harassed its citizens

Stole many children

Killing them…

In time the town grew tired of the disappearances

The sacrifices made

The children that went missing

…So they fought back…

They placed a curse upon the home

That it burn eternally

Setting the house ablaze,

Performing the curse

Having not been well versed in the black arts

They didn’t realize what that would cost them…

So it goes they now burn too

The souls who placed the curse

The witches too…

The place burns bright

It burns eternally

Keep in mind it isn’t safe

For if you journey close

It is said

You’ll be hypnotized by the flames

Drawn right in

To burn alive

And eternally reside

Within the halls & burning walls

Of this house…

-It Burns Eternally-

Entry 232: For My Father: Transmission

The transmission went out last night…

My dad is missing

He left for space ages ago

We thought his ship exploded

Then we got a transmission with his voice on it

He seemed distraught

Tormented even…

Heaven knows what he’s been through

So now I head so high above

To the expanse…

Into the unknown…

I’m not sure where he his or if he is even alive

Still, try to find him I must…

I’ve headed out on a private flight

My own ship taking off

I was warned against the mission

Told not to pursue

The chances of finding my Dad were virtually non-existent…

Still, I needed to go on

I needed to know there was a chance he was alive

Or at the very least…

That I might find out what happened to him

Maybe it’s foolish to you or someone from the outside


I must know, if he is alive

Arriving at a ship so far out in space

I’m surprised to find it has no identification

There appears to be no readings of any life

Still, I must try


The radio has gone off…

Is…that…you…my daughter?

-For My Father: Transmission-


Entry 231: I Like To Draw

I like to draw

It’s what I do

Sometimes they tell me what to draw

It’s true

One day I drew a woman across the street

The next day she was found hanging from the balcony

It was just like what they told me to draw

It’s really quite beautiful

The other week I drew a man drowning

Front page news the next day

A rich man fell into the lake


He drowned in more than one way though

As he was drunk upon taking the dip

Too bad for him

He couldn’t kick his bad habits

I drew a flower once

It still stands to this day

It’s in a pot on my window sill

Happily smiling at me

It’s a Sunflower & though it always rains

It’s the bright spot, in my every day

Here’s one of a girl rushing to catch the subway

She did catch it, in a way

I have another here…

It’s of platform 233

You aren’t allowed to see that one though

They say, they don’t want you knowing

I tried drawing a sunny day once

We had a drought for an entire year


No more weather drawings, I fear

There’s this house up the lane

I paint it red, there was a massacre there one night

It was yellow but, internally it bled

I drew a church

It was found to be used to murder a girl once

These are my drawings of the Clock tower…

They didn’t come to me till after the events were complete…

Sara saved everyone.

It’s one of the times I had no clue what to expect

Save for this one…

It hasn’t happened yet

What is it you ask?

I’m not sure

The outline is quite dark

I can’t quite tell what lurks within that storm

A hospital, maybe?

I know it hasn’t happened yet though…

I’ve heard whispers saying it is important but…

I don’t really know…

I just know I drew it shortly after Sara saved everyone…

Over here I have a drawing of a building that burns forever

This one right here is of Winter…she is beautiful, no?

This one is of some kind of monster that waits for you to sleep

Then it viciously murders you

Not uncommon around here but, yeah…

I’m not sure what this one is…

It appears to be eyes staring at a monitor…

If you look closely there is part of what is being written in the picture

The thing that really concerns me though

Is what is in the room with them

They don’t see it

It is there though…

I suppose they are too focused on reading this

To realize it is behind them

Care to guess what will happen next?

-I Like To Draw-

Entry 229: Delilah

My dearest Delilah

I hear your voice at night

I see you, when I make breakfast sometimes

Do you remember the times we spent?

The way you’d always want waffles instead of pancakes?

You’d ask me to sprinkle cinnamon on them

Give it that extra taste of sweet

You were always so happy

I come here each night to remember you

My sweet child

Always looking for the happier things

Even in the darkest of times

I wish I could’ve stopped

That monster from killing you

The doctors first caught onto it

We didn’t want to believe it

I stuck beside you

Until it took you from me…

Your mother stands here now

I’ve brought you another gift

The severed head of that damned doctor!

It’s his fault the monster brought your end

He’s the reason for all of it!

Tomorrow, if you are really sweet

I’ll bring you your father’s head & body to eat

The son of a bitch, abandoned us in your time of need

Left us with the bills…


He’ll soon meet his end

I promise, you’ll never go hungry so long as you have me

I’ll keep you safe my sweet lil’ zombie


Entry 228: Everything Is Silent Once More

Thump Thump

Thump Thump

I hear your heart beat

It is such a delightful treat

I breathe heavily

Relishing your smell…

In time, I’ll go in for the kill

For now though

Thump Thump

Thump Thump

I’ll relish that sound

A beat of ecstasy

Something I love for sure

Knock Knock

Knock Knock

I tap on the window

You look, see no one there

A little unnerved

You try to brush it off

Still, I can hear the change


That beautiful rhythmic way

To tell me you felt the slightest tinge of fear

After all…

You never know what is lurking out here

You close your curtains

Your heart beat returns to its normal rhythmic order

I knock at the door now…

More heavily


You jump to your feet in shock!


Your heart begins to race faster…

I can see you trying to reason things out

That sound was nothing surely…

But, your mind fights with you now

Making you ponder

If that’s the case, why would the knocking be so loud?

You look through your peephole

There is no one there

I let you calm down a bit

You decide it’s a good idea to go to bed

You double check all the locks

Brush your teeth

Then off to bed with you

…For now…

I wait a while

Till I’m sure you’ve calmed down

Resting deep within your slumber

You feel safe now…

I silently pick your doors locks

Slowly walk in

I reach your room

…Your door is wide open…

Thump Thump

Such a peaceful sound

You don’t even suspect anything now

It was all a dream

You are safe now

Yes, let your mind tell you that

As you sleep

I stand over you now

My breathing heavier than ever before

I watch you sleeping so peacefully

I walk in close

Knife in hand

Lifting the bottom of my mask

I lick your face

You wake up

You can’t see it because I’ve pulled the mask down


I’m smiling now

You’re frozen with fear

I plunge the knife through your heart

Stabbing again & again


-Everything Is Silent Once More-

Entry 227: I Hear Them Sing At Night

I hear them sing at night

They sing of their ends

Mikey sings of drowning

Sue of burning

I hear them sing at night

I hear the things they say

Mary Joe speaks of the knocks at her window

She says they were a warning

Of things to come

If she’d listened to the warnings

Instead of ignoring them as though they were nothing

Perhaps she’d not be here singing

About the way she met her end

Kidnapped, tortured, thrown into the meat grinder

Soon after, served to hungry customers…

Jim really couldn’t catch a break

Till the one lucky day

He thought he’d met the woman of his dreams

Turns out she was a Black Widow

Simply out for his money

The poison was something special

His wife, apparently made it to kill him slowly & painfully

Of course, he never knew this

Till it was too late

Apparently she told him of her intentions

All the while, he was vomiting blood

Scared for his life

She knew he wouldn’t survive the night…

Little Tim sings of something much more terrifying

He says the monster in his closet spoke to him

It told him the things it was going to do

How his parents would never believe he was real

Poor Timmy went missing one night

No one heard his screams except the monster who took him

Harmony met her end in quite an ironic way

A peace loving hippy during her days

She sings the song of how she smoked a pipe one night

Then in a delirious state

Walked off a bridge

She was so high, that when she died

She didn’t even realize at first

Her lungs were filling with liquid

Bobby speaks of the bad one

A thing that stalked him all his life

He was always the paranoid sort

Saying he would die someday,

In the end he was found dead

With no real cause or anything

Perhaps he wasn’t as paranoid as they thought

He won’t say exactly who The Bad One was…

Yes, I hear them sing at night

Always of their deaths

I listen to their songs

I care for them…

Watching over their graves

Hearing of their pain

Trapped in this place…

-I Hear Them Sing At Night-