Entry 246: No One Can Save You Anymore






Down the steps the body is dragged

Still alive, bleeding heavily

It screams

I walk in close

Whispering to it

You will die tonight…

Accept that…

The screams grow as they always do

Shh…no one is going to hear you

Now starts the begging

The pleading for a chance to live

I’ll never say anything to anyone

The same line as always

A heave and a drop

They plop upon my table

Wriggling like the parasite it is

It tries to get away

It’s no use as I strap it down

I can taste the fear at this point

It permeates the air

Almost solid

It feels so real

YES! That’s right…

More of that now…

I love looking into their eyes

Brushing the hair from their face

Watching the tears

Run constantly

Shh…it’s okay

I’ll make sure to kill you

…Nice and slow…

I smile as I always do

Soon taking the buzz saw from the table

Starting it up

I push it close to their face

They are terrified & yet so stiff

Knowing a single wrong move

Will mean a new face


They pissed themselves

All the good ones do

I soak in the smell as

I bring the saw south now…

This one is very afraid

Wouldn’t want to lose what’s between those legs

Does it matter though…

You can’t make kids if you’re dead you know…

…Well, in most cases that’s true…

So without much hesistation

I begin sawing


I grow silent as do they

I can’t have them die too soon

So I take my next tool

Cauterizing the wound!


Their screams ring out

Soon after…

They pass out

I wake them up in time to show

The next step is to take their eyes out

I make sure to do so nice & slow

Taking the blade & slowly pushing it in

The screams raise the fear

The fear tastes so good

It’s beautiful as I continue…

5 minutes go by

I’ve finished with the right eye

I’m careful to clean up all wounds

On to the left

This one I feel should be more quick

I take a nail

Hold it up to their eye

I wait

Let them hit that height of fear



Gone is the left eye

Cleaning out the wound

I tell them it’ll be okay…

Now you’ll only be able to hear what’s happening


…For now…

Laughing, I begin to play

Starting up saws


Anything to keep the sacrifice guessing!

The fear levels raise

It’s a sound most exsquisite

I finally go ahead and do it

I take a knife & saw into the right ear

Slowly removing it

Now it’s time for the left

It’s not over yet my dear

This one I do the same way


I continue to clean all wounds

Checking the vitals

Wouldn’t want you to die too soon

You aren’t unlike the other men in my life

Believing me to be the perfect wife

You couldn’t have known what I really was

Behind the sweet innocent appeal

Was someone who could care less about any of you

I must serve my God quite well

After all

This kind of sacrifice only happens once a year

I must gather your fear, your pain

I must relish it!


It tastes so good

As I remove & eat your tongue

Almost there now

Just got to remove your teeth


With everyone you scream some more

I’m truly sorry my dear

You aren’t speaking clearly


Now I begin cutting your body

Scarring it with our symbology

Soon enough I’ll rip your heart from your chest

But, first…

I’ll play with you

The spiked rod over there

It’s not for beating

It’s for a more internal

…Kind of feeling…

I begin to play

You are going to die soon anyways

So I take it slow

Letting you scream as best as you are able…

When I think you’re almost gone

I take the sacrificial knife



I rip your heart out

Place it on the altar

Leaving behind a final message

For the investigating detective

Then it’s time to go

Having already taken your soul

You are mine now…

-No One Can Save You Anymore-











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