Entry 243: File 01

I’ve seen quite a few odd things in my day. As a Detective you can come across some wild things. Still, few are like these ones. I just label them as files to keep things rather discreet. The truth is they are cases I haven’t quite solved or for which there was some mystery behind that couldn’t be explained.

I’ve been a Detective for about 12 years. I’ve seen some crazy things. File 01 was the first case that left me a bit perplexed. It starts off simple enough. A family is attacked in their home.

The place is broken into, the Father, a Timothy Williams fights back & takes an armed suspect down fairly easily. That isn’t what was such a mystery though. A few months go by & their home is broken into again. According to Gracie, an 89 year old neighbor that called us when the assault happened, this is how it went.

She claimed she’d seen 5, heavily body armored men kick in the door. She said they all seemed to be holding shotguns. Suddenly things get quiet & about 4 minutes later she sees the 5 men walk out into the middle of the street, drop down to their knees & blow their own heads off!

Shortly after, we arrived, questioned everyone & got her story as well as the families. I brought in Timothy for questioning but he didn’t seem too shaken. In fact, he seemed disturbingly calm, considering the situation.

Timothy corroborated Gracie’s story but, acted as though he wasn’t sure why they did what they did. I had nothing I could do at the moment so we considered the deaths suicide. A year passes by, and a black SUV rolls up to their vehicle while driving one day in front of about 7 eye witnesses. They lower their window and point a gun at the families vehicle.

There is screaming from the SUV & then suddenly it speeds ahead & into traffic. A semi side swiped the vehicle & all passengers died. I interviewed Timothy who calmly said he wasn’t sure why anyone was after him. I looked into his background & there was nothing…no reason what so ever for anyone to keep harassing Timothy & his family, unless they were connected to the previous attempts.

Still, why continue? There haven’t been any further attempts on Timothy or his families lives. I offered to put them into protective custody, give them new identities, help them out and try to keep them safe.

Timothy smiled & told me, they’d be fine.

“These things have a way of working themselves out” he said.

A couple weeks go by & one of our own gets up in the middle of the night & walks out the window of his apartment (20 stories up). He dies obviously. Upon further investigation it was found he had ties to those who attacked Timothy’s family.

We don’t have all the details but, we have enough to say he definitively was involved with the other deceased individuals. One of our own, right under our noses & he’d have gotten away with it if he hadn’t committed “Suicide”.

Included in this file is a note I received from Timothy. It read as follows:


Some things are best left a mystery. 


23-5 19-5-5 1-12-12

-File 01-

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